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  1. PhylDunc

    Nachi Cocum

    Thank you so much for your responses!
  2. PhylDunc

    Nachi Cocum

    My hubby and I will be in Cozumel for a day. My husband will be doing a diving excursion through our ship. I would prefer to sit and chill on a beach and have decided after reading many post that I may enjoy Nachi Cocum. My big concern is that I will have to take a taxi from the port to the beach on my own. Is it safe to travel alone in Cozumel? I have never been to Cozumel and not sure how dangerous it is. I know I wouldn't attempt anything like this alone in Jamaica unless it was through a shuttle or bus where I would be with other people.
  3. Thanks! I called my TA and although I had to pay $100, it was worth it to get a non-adjoining cabin.
  4. My hubby and I were assigned an adjoining room originally in the back of the ship. I called my TA and paid a little extra and have now been reassigned in a non connecting room at the front of the ship. Anyone have any feed back on Conquest room 2242? It's on the main level with the lobby above us. Will we hear all the constant activity going on in the lobby?
  5. Thanks for responding. I've had connecting rooms at hotels but never on a cruise ship.
  6. We took the chance hoping for a possible upgrade but got 1st floor, aft, adjoining room... I was ok with the location but just noticed the room was an adjoining one has me concerned. Is it possible at this point to pay a bit more to get a different room? We were just assigned the room yesterday but leaving in 30 days. I've emailed my TA but he's out of the office until Sunday!
  7. Thanks for replying. Good to know its the best place for motion sickness! As for the noise, I'll bring my IPOD and play white noise at night. We did get the guaranteed rate. The rates we're so unbelievably low that we couldn't pass it up (82% off). We weren't looking to go on a cruise at this time but came across the advertisement and thought what the heck, it's only a month away! Knowing the discounted price, I wasn't expecting the best but was holding my breath that it would be at least a comfortable room and not too close to elevators.
  8. My hubby and I have just been assigned our stateroom (1440 Riviera Deck) on Conquest. I saw it's not as close to the elevators which I had feared but being so far to the back of the shift should we expect more rocking than ususal? I tend to get sea sick but wear transderm patches and have never suffered before but a little worried because of the location. Anyone every stay in room 1440?
  9. Great! Thanks for the responses. I will check daily for our gallery photos.
  10. My husband and I have just returned from sailing Alaska on the Golden Princess. I purchased the signature plus option which allows me to customize my photos, including those taken by the ship photographers into a book. My problem is I cannot locate any of our photos that were taken by the ship photographers. When I purchased the package, I saw the photos had indeed been moved into a file folder which was namde P305 (our cabin number). I have logged into Panraven, there are lots of stock photos but none of the photos I purchased, i.e., several from formal night. Does anyone know how I can access the photos that were clearly put into a folder via laptop computer at the ship's photo gallery. Is it possible to email the photo gallery on the ship to make an inquiry? Thanks.
  11. Thanks everyone for sharing your experience and thoughts! I feel so much better now and can hardly stand the anticipation!! :D
  12. Thank you so much for posting a response.
  13. I'm so excited that we have been upgraded for our cruise to Alaska on the Golden Princess next month. In looking at the deck layout on the ship -- our cabin is right across from the elevators. I am soooo disappointed... Has anyone stayed in this cabin? Our TA says we really won't be able to hear anything. She say it's a great room location midship and one she would pick for herself. Would love to from others who have been located close to a bank of elevators. Thanks.
  14. PhylDunc

    Crowne Grill

    Thanks for the info!
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