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  1. The I guess I'll ignore the CDC's tips for dealing with mosquitoes in the Bahamas 😏
  2. Sure there is. It's called rain, which is typically the source of water mosquitoes use to breed in.
  3. I definitely agree with this! I really don't understand why he hasn't done so already.
  4. Not true. You are in Canada until you leave Canadian waters.
  5. The passage you quoted is for lawsuits, like against the cruise line. It really has nothing to do with what the OP is asking about. Also, you state that marijuana is not legal at the US federal level. But this cruise is in Canada (at least the part that the OP is asking about), so not sure what US laws have to do with it.
  6. They're talking about smoking it in the Canadian ports, not on the ship.
  7. I'm not sure I understand the logic in this. Don't they already have unlimited drink packages? What's the difference?
  8. I wasn't suggesting that you go by their verbal statement. I was suggesting that you ask them for a specific online link that you can reference. Obviously nobody here is able to provide that, so why not go to the source?
  9. Obviously nobody here knows where to find that policy. I'm still baffled by your aversion to calling and asking for it yourself.
  10. Why don't you call Royal Caribbean and ask them for a link to the policy?
  11. OP, we all realize you have an aversion to calling and asking for this information. You state that you don't want to go on just the word of the person you speak with, which is understandable. And obviously nobody on here is able to find this document that you seek. So why not call RC and ask them to point you to the appropriate document as opposed to just getting their opinion?
  12. Is that an Amex credit or debit card? They have both.
  13. That's true about the ones on the real pig island. But Coco Cay is not the real pig island. There's a lot of other articles written about it, if you're interested.
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