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  1. Ah thank you. I still wonder how and when people would tip extra.
  2. I realize there's no specific answer for this (yet), but I'm wondering how gratuities work on a 274 night cruise. For a non-suite room, the standard gratuity amount works out to about $4,000 per person, assuming that the rate is the same as on shorter cruises. I would guess (hope) that people on the cruise leave that in place, but I wonder how and when they tip their room steward and wait staff extra, if they choose to do so. Do they give them something extra every week? Every month? Do they wait until the end of the cruise and give it to them then? I know there's no right or wrong answer to this, but it just got me thinking.
  3. Judging from some of the posts on this thread, no.
  4. Agreed. Several people I know have shown up for their appointments only to find a note taped to the window stating that they are not administering tests.
  5. So do they have another type of smart phone than an iPhone, or no smart phone at all?
  6. For those that have done this (or know about it), I've always been curious...do you only wear the shirts 1 day? Do you wash them every day so that you can re-wear them on other days? Do you wear them dirty on other days?
  7. Some have complained about the location of the chef's table, so you might want to check on that for your cruise. It's not in the kitchen, as true chef's tables are.
  8. That's what I thought also. I thought we were going to hear a story about the ship pulling away as the b2b passengers returned to the dock.
  9. Yeah I'm wondering if we are talking about $50? $500? $5000? Kinda makes a difference.
  10. How much money? I know it's not our business, but that's kind of an important consideration in answering this question.
  11. What??? You're saying that the timing (12:00) is the same for Ravenna/Venice (2-3 hour drive, likely international flight) as it is for Ft. Lauderdale (10 minute drive)?
  12. Royal Caribbean's rule just says no extension cords. It does not differentiate.
  13. However, they are in different countries, which could have different rules.
  14. I feel the same way you do about this. I've basically stopped taking pictures at all on vacation. I found that the people that I showed them to probably didn't care as much as they pretended to, and that I was never going back and looking at the pictures myself. I prefer just enjoying the moment and not thinking about getting a picture.
  15. More accurately, 4 suites at an average of $600 per week, plus the salary, comes out to $151,200 per year, or $12,600 per month, or $2900 per week. Sounds like a pretty nice gig!
  16. Same here. Phones get turned off and put into the safe for the duration of the cruise.
  17. Do they have penny slots? Seems like somewhat of a loophole if so.
  18. Agreed. It's never been free. It's been included.
  19. From what I've read, there was/is a backlog of renewals because passport offices were shut down or had reduced numbers of workers due to the pandemic.
  20. So you think the only measure of the quality of food is whether or not it is outdated or moldy? You don't think there can be (for example) different qualities of tomatoes, depending on how they are grown, where they are grown, and how they are supplied? Or different qualities of pasta, depending on how it's manufactured, and what ingredients go into it?
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