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  1. Not looking to war, either but some of those actors you listed are over 65 and qualify.
  2. Day 79 and my refund finally arrived! I got the entire cruise fare and taxes in 3 amounts on the same day. Celebrity cancelled my June 3 Bermuda cruise on April 16th and I requested the refund the very same day via the online form. I had booked through a big box TA but since Celebrity contacted me directly (and first), I decided to cancel myself. I also did the Lift and Shift on my September Hawaii cruise about a week later in April. They still owe me $$ for excursions that they canceled when I moved the cruise out a year. If I had thought of it before hand, I would have canceled
  3. Just a note to say I use the same Big Box TA, and I called last week and got the same message as you did, twice in a row. Then I called back 5 minutes later and there was only a 20 minute wait.
  4. Whooo, hello from North Bellevue! 🙂 Enjoy the moment of 🌞 sunshine!
  5. I apologize, I meant April 2022. But now they have changed it to May 2022. This is only the CwC ability to cancel up to 48 hours. Per the Celebrity CwC FAQ page: "All sailings through May 4, 2022, are included in the Cruise with Confidence program." You are correct that Lift and Shift (and the better pricing benefits) end in August 2020. I didn't realize your October 2020 sailing was on Princess.
  6. I believe the CwC time frame was extended through April 2020, as of a few days ago! 🙂
  7. To the original poster's credit, that statement was made 2/26.
  8. Love your enthusiasm! I am hoping to sail in June on the Summit. Have a great cruise!
  9. I live in Bellevue, closer to Kirkland and Redmond and I can say that it is the same here... heightened alert, excessive purchases of household cleaners, but mostly people carrying on. Even as the death toll has risen to 9 now, the majority of those poor people were related to the Kirkland Life Care Center. I really, really hope there aren't any rash decisions made regarding travel in and out of the area.
  10. Excellent laminated itinerary!! I am the same way, and I get soooo much crap from my friends 😉 Also love the pink coat!! How are your friends enjoying the inside cabin? I will be in one come June. Thanks and safe sails!
  11. Thanks for the image. I guess it is the resident rate because I'm in Washington and on both the Big Box TA and Celebrity, it is twice the price. I would still be nervous about the Caribbean in September (Hurricanes and all) but that itinerary hits all of my top places to visit....
  12. Hi Nick, Just wanted to say thank you for your awesome review! I know it is years later but I only just came across it. Your positive attitude is infectious, and your pictures are great! I appreciate your information on the Sunset Cabin, I am thinking of booking this same one (which is how I came across your review). Have a great day! Sara
  13. I went to this on accident last year on the Reflection. We had standing reservations (made on board the first day of the 10 day cruise) for LCG but when we got there, they said it had been changed to the Ultimate Grill. I was hesitant to stay but I'm so glad I did because the food was absolutely delicious, and the people my husband and I sat with were so much fun. It was an Iceland/Ireland sailing in May, so it was freezing outside, but the staff closed the tent, had blankets and kept the alcohol flowing, so everyone felt warm and cozy. I would do it again, even with the added price.
  14. Thank you so much! I was able to rebook and save $45 🙂
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