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  1. I'd call again! I cancelled on March 8 for an April 8 cruise. Received my FCC certificate on March 16. Hopefully at the least it will get your FCC moving along.
  2. There actually was limited availability in certain cabin categories😮. Which does make me think that people may have already rebooked for next yr. I'm not worried and will wait. This was to be our first RC cruise.
  3. I booked in October 2019 for April 2020. Had 1 price adjustment in December and that was it. Never saw it cheaper again.
  4. I'm stuck with the FCC. Cancelled a couple days before they did. Tried asking with no success. I too, take pride in finding the best deals. Makes me sick to my stomach thinking about losing my $. If I could I most certainly would take the refund. Hate having thousands of dollars tied up in credits.
  5. So decided to look at next year. Same time frame (Easter), same ship, same itinerary, same cabin and surprise...The price is $400+ more 😪
  6. Especially since it was already going with the guest that were already disembarking.
  7. I was on Royal for April. Cancelled before the cancellations and yep slapped myself for not waiting so that I could get a refund vs FCC. I saw the delay with carnival, another group of friends are waiting patiently. We all work in the school system. Our spring break is cancelled on top of the nasty virus..
  8. Nothing! I'm not sailing but keeping a look out for friends awaiting cancellation announcement 🤞. No way can I even fathom them, to even consider, people coming into the city for departure.
  9. I can not even imagine that they will allow cruises to depart from NYC on 4/12.
  10. Read this....... https://www.ncl.com/travel-alert/coronavirus Guests who are booked on voyages with embarkation dates from March 18 to April 11, 2020 are asked to contact their travel professional or contact us for more information.Guests will receive a 125% refund of the fare paid in the form of a future cruise credit, which can be applied toward any future cruise through December 31, 2022. I certainly would start with the OTA.
  11. Same issue! I cancelled 3 days before announcement. Tried today to either get the 125% or refund. Denied on both parts. From reading here didn't think I would, but had to give it a shot. 🤔
  12. "Guests who are currently booked on voyages with embarkation dates from March 13 to April 11, 2020 on Norwegian Cruise Line, Oceania Cruises or Regent Seven Seas Cruises" It goes into effect at midnight on March 13th. 1 Minute before the 30 days, would include the Sunday sailing.😢.
  13. Yep! I asked myself....self will you be able to sit comfortably at the bar, without taking out your clorox wipes and wiping it down? or not freak out in the theater if a person sitting within 10 ft of me coughs or sneezes? Just cancelled our very special April cruise. ☹️.
  14. Since the masks only protect others from you, if your sick. Wouldn't it make more sense that everyone wore one. Then no one would would be passing around there germs🤷‍♀️
  15. loyola00" I know me....will be worried the entire time and not enjoy myself." This is us! I want to go and relax. I'm worried that I will be so on alert to everything, that I will be stressed.
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