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  1. I wonder how much money Cunard has lost over the years with their rickety excuse for a website? But in their defense, Crystal's doesn't work much better.
  2. I never did the Bimini ferry but took the Discovery Sun Pt. Everglades to Freeport many times, wow were the passengers upset when the waves would kick up on the way over and seasickness kicked in. One time the waves were crashing over the ferry, people were swearing, praying and rolling on the floor. The pursor was passed out behind the counter.
  3. Well we were always satisified users of nursery and Fun Zone until the Paul Trotter affair but I know Cunard has upgraded its security since then. Still, just because you are on a cruise ship one should never make assumptions or take risks one would not on land. Personally, I would not leave the baby in the nursery for more than few hours at a time. Also I would keep in mind how busy the Fun Zone or whatever they call it these days would be during that voyage.,
  4. Was cancelled March 2020, just got back all my money after intervention by New York Attorney General.
  5. Ponant USA refunded in full after a little over one year: "I am pleased to advise you that the company has agreed to our request to resolve your complaint. Of course, if the company fails to keep their commitment, kindly write to notify me. On behalf of Attorney General Letitia James, I am glad to have assisted you"
  6. I've always just worn a bathrobe and flip flops to the pool and hot tubs and back on the QM2. There are no changing facilities anyone uses. Essentially no different than passengers with sweaty gymwear except I smell better. If Cunard didn't want passengers in those facilities they would close them at 5PM. It's a glorified cruise ship not the Ritz tea room.
  7. resistk


    That sort of story does not inspire confidence in Cunard or the industry as a whole. Past loyalty status matters on a World Cruise unclear how they could just lose it? Can't keep track of past customers but are going to be able to manage a post pandemic world cruise successfully?
  8. Big money for a subpar product. Been to Nassau, Freeport, Eleuthra more times then I would care to admit. In the summer, your head will cook on the beach.
  9. My Account sets up but appears to have zero functionality?
  10. Meanwhile Princess has hi tech Medallion system; I don't understand the silo style of management at Carnival, which makes for an uneven product experience across lines.
  11. France and Belgium lagging at 7% vaccination of total population to date, Brazil and Russia at 4%, Netherland 6% - realistically those number have go to come up to 50% or more before outbreaks are under control? US, UK, UAE and Israel at the top of the list. https://www.cnn.com/interactive/2021/health/global-covid-vaccinations/
  12. One thing in her favor is that she likely is not seaworthy so wouldn't make it to the scrappers in India like the Marco Polo, but fire or sinking is always a possibility,
  13. Me too, to a back up email never used with Cunard, to someone with the first name "Joan" lol
  14. I quite agree. There is a lack of resolve which is causing the pandemic to linger. China took strong measures and now is reaping the benefits.
  15. MSC has one of the least consistent products out there, caveat emptor.
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