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  1. I have been on close to 50 cruises but at the moment I am scared to even go into the local supermarket.
  2. Every port call will be an opportunity for someone to bring COVID on board. What could be more ludicrous than engaging in tourism during a pandemic?
  3. That is the problem. Even if you distance the passengers and reduce capacity, you cannot reduce crew in their already cramped quarters by the same percent. One seaman gets sicks and spreads it to everyone down below who then spreads it the waiters and stewards and so on. The cruise lines need to solve the crew issue before they start issuing passenger COVID protocols. I do not see any short term solution.
  4. Can't imagine being a travel agent, no money. SBA loan maybe.
  5. How do those surety bonds work, is it something passengers' can claim against? And while one can file a claim in the FMC tribunal (not mediation), what happens if you win?
  6. Realistically, would you pay 25%-50% more to take the same cruise as last year given the changed circumstaces or just wait it out?
  7. In theory locked in lower fuel prices would offset lower prices necessary to attract new passengers, not FCCs. The economic predictions I am reading are very grim for the rest of 2020. Some say instead of "V" we are looking at "L" in terms of recovery or lack thereof. I'm holding over 5K in FCCs and not in any rush to do anything.
  8. Oil prices are down, cruise lines will sink themselves by raising prices. They already have the FCC money but are unlikely to entice new money in a global recession by raising prices. The third quarter will be an economic disaster in the US and elsewhere.
  9. Yes always the passengers fault never the cruise line?
  10. I had a credit card claim with Ponant, they grabbed back half which is better than 100% but I don't know what happened to my FCCs.
  11. Trident Insurance Company Ltd. is Carnival's captive insurer: https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/815097/000081509719000004/exhibit21201810-k.htm
  12. Cruise lines have been able to beat lawsuits for decades through their adhesion contracts and offshoring but I think their luck is running out. The really big guns are out at the major class action law firms and they have deep pockets. If there is insurance involved, they will have a say in the matter too and they do not want their exposure to go too high. Bottom line is there may be a settlement or settlements and cruise lines may have trouble obtaining liability insurance in the future. Wouldn't be surprised if they try a few bankruptcy filings if the lawsuits gain momentum.
  13. Yet people still are travelling for the 4th of July.
  14. The airline model seems to be carry on as much as possible as usual since there really is no way in a plane to stay safe. Needless to say, I won't be flying anytime soon. But there is really no way a cruise can be made safe from COVID either when you should be at home and avoiding contacts.
  15. I live in a beach commuity in the Southern USA, the fools opened it up for tourists and our COVID rates shot up 100-200%. You folks who demand your cruises before the pandemic has settled and the cruise lines that enable that magical thinking are placing everyone in danger.
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