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  1. Maybe keep the mask like the Japanese and Chinese do during flu season. When I cruise again, I will bring masks post COVID. I remember seeing a Japanese cruise ship in Dubrovnik about 10 years ago and practically everyone who got off was wearing masks. Japan, Taiwan, China, all have ridiculously low COVID rates compared to COVID ridden US and Europe.
  2. Nothing back from Federal Maritime Commission.
  3. Received a reply from the NY Division of Consumer Protection, they wrote that since Ponant refuses to acknowledge their letters, they have referred the matter to the NY Attorney General's Office, Consumer Fraud Bureau.
  4. At 100K cases a day, I think I will pass even if the cruise was free.
  5. Bergen was not so hot either.
  6. Once is never enough! I used to think Marseilles was a horrid place but spent three days on land there and changed my mind. I dreaded going back to Cornerbrook, Newfoundland but this time the Humber River passage rivaled anything one could see in Norway.
  7. Really who would be buying cruise lines or cruise ships for a decent price in cash in the middle of a pandemic when there are so many other "bargains" going begging like oil , commercial real estate and natural gas?
  8. CCL is obviously in distress and digging a big hole of debt.
  9. You think they are getting cash or IOUs? I think the latter, it is an accounting trick. Who is paying cash for 15 year old ships?
  10. The older the passengers on average, the more coughing, the younger the passengers, the more screaming kids.
  11. How many feel comfortable sharing an elevator? The Royal and Regal have no central stairs.
  12. Federal Maritime Commission has jurisdiction https://www.fmc.gov/fact-finding-30/ https://www.fmc.gov/commission-initiates-rulemaking-process-addressing-cruise-line-performance-and-refunds/
  13. I'd like to know how to get back my money tied up in FCCs I cannot use.
  14. I am about ready to throw in the towel after 40+ cruises, Crystal has got over 5K of my money tied up in a FCC and Ponant essentially refused to honor their refund policy. Despite the boundless optimism here, what company could weather a 12 month unanticipated shut down while racking up carrying costs and refunds? Especially a cruise line which is highly leveraged.
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