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  1. Without looking at reviews its an easy decisions. Croydon if you #1 concern is going to the beach. Hampton Inn if you want to walk around shop/eat and be a bit closer to the port. Croydon you'll need to hope in an Uber/Lyft to head to the more walkable areas of town.
  2. They are about a 1/3 of a mile apart from each other. Hyatt is very new, but Hampton Brickelll is by far the most recommended hotel on cruisecritic. You'll be good with either. I guess technically the Hampton in a slightly better location for walking to places to eat. But really they are in the same area. Chose the better price or the one you like the reviews for more.
  3. I think your idea of one night each place makes sense, unless you really want to see one part over the other more. It makes more sense with your travel schedule. For Miami, anything in Downtown or Brickell is a good start. Hampton Inn Brickell is the most popular hotel recommended on the boards.
  4. There are not many times when its "ok" and personally I would still never do it. But if there was one situation that it was ok, this would be it. I would still never do it, but you are right that the options to get on another plane from New York to Miami is endless. Endless as in you are ready to buy another last minute ticket or you are flying on an airline that has a lot of its own flights (Delta, JetBlue, American) or will put you on another airline to get you there (not Spirit or Frontier). If it is winter I would be much more hesitant though. And if its summer you want to mak
  5. You have the option, though the police might think you are odd for doing it as does everyone here. YVE hotel to the port will be an Uber that is under $10.00. Just grab an Uber/Lyft.
  6. Plenty to do nearby, and a short Uber/Lyft ride away from Miami Beach and other popular spots like Coral Gables or Little Havana. A great location.
  7. FLL is a mess. Don't pick airports based on them, there is not a huge difference, though any local will tell you MIA is a much nicer airport. Pick it based on air fare and schedule with the caveat travel from FLL to Miami and back adds a little bit of an extra cost.
  8. No. It would only be by bus. You can take a quick and cheap Uber/Lyft there. In Brickell, a nice walk from your hotel there are Cuban food options.
  9. The post above says Labor day. Not sure if that is when you are coming in but September is not a busy time for hotels in Miami. Friday Sept 4 on hotels.com I see the YVE hotel (great location) at $119/night. The Intercontinental (great hotel) is at $191/night/. Hampton Inn Brickell (by far the most popular hotel recommend for Miami on this board) is $145/night! Hampton Inn Midtown (brand new hotel) and a fine location so long as you are renting a car is $119/night. Why in world would you go with an Airbnb with these type of prices? I have no idea on bed c
  10. Our top pick at the moment looks to be on NE 50th St in Miami. I would pass. The area is not horrible, but for someone that is not familiar with Miami you will likely not feel comfortable there at night. There is not much if anything walking distance other than a trendy restaurant or two across the street from a retirement health center and an abandoned school. If you had a car, then its ok. With no car. This is a no go IMO. This is exactly the type of place that might have great reviews, and could be great for 3 20 somethings on a road trip, but terrible fo
  11. Find a hotel in Brickell or Downtown Miami. Don't sweat the cruise shuttle. You can split some Ubers for $10/each. The port is basically in Downtown Miami. Hampton Inn Brickell is a very popular choice, always great reviews and fantastic location. For 12-people, again you are talking about 2-3 Ubers/Taxis. Maybe two taxis if you ask for two large SUV/Van taxis. The SUV/van cost the same as a regular sedan. If you want to enjoy Miami at all, don't stay by the airport to try to save $50 on transport.
  12. I think people have posted links before, but you could give us an address or maybe even just tell us the nearest intersecting street.
  13. The hotel is in the middle of the urban core of one of the largest cities in the U.S. You have anything and everything you want within walking distance. Bayside is an easy hop away with lots of dinning options. If you want something a bit more local check out Pollo Y Jarras (3-min walk) or head over to City Centre and Mary Brickell Village (15-min walk/5-min drive/10min mover ride).
  14. There is not much in between. I would just book something in western Broward County or Northwest Miami-Dade. Check out hotels in Weston, FL or Miami Lakes, FL to start. And see how they compare to hotels near the port in Downtown/Brickell. Does your ship leave on a Friday?
  15. I've had multiple clients had their homes listed on Airbnb in Miami. They were not the ones listing them... I am not against it at all. I have used it myself, but I still prefer hotels. Especially in an area you don't know well. If a house is cheaper for a weekend then two hotel rooms it says a lot about the condition and location of the home. How about this. Let us know where the Airbnb you are thinking about are at or some that you think have good reviews and we can let you know if that is true or not. The thing with hotels is we know where they are, yo
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