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  1. Downtown Miami and Brickell as a whole is a very safe area. The only thing you will notice around are a decent sized homeless population, which is an issue in just about every single downtown in the U.S. these days. Bayside is a great place to relax, grab a drink and walk around. I would suggest for dinner/lunch there are much better options in Downtown and Brickell outside of Bayside though.
  2. There are only two ways to cross the Everglades. US-41 (do it if you have a day to spare) or I-75, the only option if you are coming in day of. Once you get into the Miami area there are a few other options to get to the Port but 75-595-Turnpike-95-395 makes the most sense. Best thing to do is download Waze or Google Maps and get live-time traffic to make sure you take the right way. Right now, on a random Monday afternoon is showing US-41 as 2 hours and 9min and I-75 as 2-hours and 1min. But US-41 is more prone to slow downs and has lower speed limits. I-75 most people are doing 80-90mph
  3. Just Uber the church you mentioned is very close to the port.
  4. I would say that is the best Hilton on the mainland. It is a fantastic location. Plenty of shopping and places to eat to walk to.
  5. Driving is likely the easiest and the cheapest. There are flights from MIA and FLL to TPA. Sometimes fares are pretty good and could be under $100 one-way if you don't want to drive.
  6. That is a very expensive weekend. So your options will be limited near Downtown/Brickell. Checking hotels.com only the low end hotels that I would never recommend are under $300/night. Though I did see SLS Brickell at $299. I would book that right away if I wanted a nice Miami hotel that night.
  7. There really should be a Miami/FTL sticky post. Hotels and How to Get To: You are 100% right and I hope others find this post. FLL to Miami just take an Uber/Lyft. Any other means of transportation (unless you have a huge group that needs a van) makes 0 sense.
  8. There is only one hotel directly inside MIA airport. I would suggest a hotel near the port in Downtown Miami or Brickell. Its right there next to the port and in a good area to find dinner depending on what time of day you are coming in. If you are coming in late a night you could easily just pick an airport area hotel with a free shuttle and then take a taxi/uber to the Port the next day. Miami is not large in miles, the airport is 8-miles or so from the port. Popular choices that I recommend in Downtown/Brickell are Hampton Inn Brickell, Holiday Inn Port Miami, Intercontinental Miami, YVE Hotel, East Miami and loads of other options. Also Uber, especially for a small group is always cheaper than a taxi and much better service. An Uberx from MIA to Downtown Miami is around $15-$20 and an Uberx from there to the port is no more than $10.00
  9. If you are arriving later in the evening/night then staying at a hotel near FLL airport makes sense. However, if you have time to go have dinner enjoy the city I suggest heading down to Miami. The port is basically located in Downtown Miami so the choices of hotels are endless. Which one works for you depends on your price range. None have free shuttles as they are just not needed. A taxi or Uber/Lyft is a quick ride from the hotel and fairly cheap. Popular budget ones are Hampton Inn Brickell, YVE Hotel and Holiday Inn Port Miami.
  10. The view at the doubletree can be good of the port so long as you get a view room that higher up. There are options near by as there is a small shopping mall/center attached to the hotel. I would still go with Hampton Inn Brickell, it is one of the best locations you can get in Miami.
  11. Flying in the same day of arrival would be a big NO for me. Both trains are not extremely reliable and any delay in your flight, even just an hour could mean missing your cruise. Flying in the day before. No problem. You can easily take the Trirail or even better though a bit more money Brightline down to Miami. Trirail takes you to the airport, where you would need to take a uber/hotel shuttle/metrorail to your hotel. Brightline takes you right into downtown (very close to the port) where you could take an Uber or even metromover to your hotel in the area.
  12. Its not worth it. You will save maybe $30 to get on a shuttle go to the trains station, hope to time the train right and not wait 45-mins, get on the train that takes you to MIA airport to then get on a shuttle. You are looking at potentially 2-hour travel time. Or just get in the car and take a 45-min drive and $35-$40.00 Its not D.C. bad (I lived in D.C. for four years, love D.C.) but it is bad compared to most places. It really just depends where you are going and time of day though. Typically traffic is pretty easy on the highways so long as its not 7:30am-10am or 4:00pm-7:00pm.
  13. You have a point there. But OP just needs to be prepared for heat and mosquitos the size of bald eagles.
  14. 4-days and 2-days after rent a car. The only thing that sucks is how much some hotels charge to park overnight. Otherwise parking in Miami is not bad at all. Sometimes can be expensive like an office building lot at 12pm on a weekday is not cheap, or a hotel lot on a Saturday night, but compared to other cities the same size Miami parking is cheap. Plenty of garages around town. Having a car will allow you to go to so many more places. For four days I suggest a location closer to the beach if not on the beach if doable in your price range. As for the Everglades, I don't see what time of year you are coming. I would not wish the Everglades from May-October to anyone. Maybe end of October it is bearable. Need a bit more information to help, like time of year, budget and what else you like to do see?
  15. There are so many options. If you get in the day before and actually have time to enjoy the day I would say going to Miami upon arrival makes sense. Nice hotels in Miami check out the Intercontinental, W Hotel, Four Seasons, Epic and East. Hampton Inn Brickell is a favorite, but not exactly 4-star.
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