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  1. On our last visit to Nassau, we did a Walking Rum and Food Tour that I would highly recommend. It basically told us the history of Nassau through rum. I really enjoyed the history, the food, and learning to taste the difference between the rums. It isn't a "get drunk" kind of tour but rather here is a bit of rum to fully understand the history of the island.
  2. It would be really nice if they could create a solo cabin that wasn't an inside. I would definitely look at a solo cabin, but an inside? For a surcharge? No thank you
  3. My understanding from being on a cruise in April with ABT is that ABT only sends two dancers who volunteer. It is impossible to do a fully ballet with two dancers. While I would have loved more time with both who performed on our cruise, I also understand how demanding the two pieces they did, were. It was truly a dream to be able to participate in the class onboard and probably the only thing that could tear me away from the pool on a sea day. I truly hope they continue the partnership and expand it, if feasible.
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