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  1. Thank you Host Clarea, you have always been very reliable and helpful ! So it seems when I need to have a drink, it will be a rum and coke.
  2. I would like to get the non-alcoholic drink package and then have one or two alcoholic drinks per day. What will they charge me for the alcoholic drinks ? The difference between a non-alcoholic drink and the cost of an alcoholic? Or will they charge me the full cost of an alcoholic drink ? Anyone have this experience ? Thank you.
  3. Cruse Credit BoA number is 866-562-7625 to get the credits added to your OBC early so if the drink package goes on sale you can use these credits to purchase the package.
  4. You can call the office of Boarder & Customs in your home port or in the port you are leaving from and they are very helpful people. Attached is a screen print of their website. People's experiences are good, and you should also read the written law and ask intelligent questions after research of the agents in the office.
  5. I am interested in how these ships provide service, in addition to the technical side, because I own a number of shares of stock and provide feedback via several channels to companies interested in what the competition is doing. That is why I ended my post with " Your Experience". Would love to consult for Disney, just to see the training and indoctrination process.
  6. Chengkp75: Mate or engineer ? Which school ? Graduated in 1971 and started with US lines ( Pioneer Contender ) delivering bombs and beer to Vietnam. I agree with most of what you have said. Talking with the licensed mates and engineers, reading many of the post about problems of resolution, articles written, and my own experiences, it seems companies are slipping in both the quality given and the resolution of the problems. Went back and got my masters and then Lean Six Sigma Black Belt with a focus on design quality in nuclear subs, so maybe I am over sensitive on quality issues.
  7. Master LSSBB ? Have you read any of Skip Creveling's material on Design for Six Sigma ?
  8. The waiter added the tip to the bill after I had crossed off the tip area on the bill and had signed it. I was checking my account on the TV in the cabin and noticed the extra $10. Now does it make sense ? I agree that it is not a secret, and would suggest that most people cruising do not know. Some of the vendors are obvious by the names and others are less noticed. If you look at my signature, you will see I am a United States Coast Guard licensed engineer that has sailed ships and worked in the industry.
  9. Time4u: Point is all about quality, and if the product or service is not what you paid for, then who do you go to, to correct it? Had an RCCL employee pad my bill at Chops by adding a $10 tip, after I put a line through that part of the receipt. Now even though I was still on the ship, it took 2 days for RCCL to correct the problem and about 2 hours of my time. When they are not employees, I am suggesting you will have harder time correcting things if it gets corrected at all.
  10. Not all of the sales and service people on board a RCCL ship are employees of the cruise lines. It is hard to tell at times who is a RCCL employee and who is not. RCCL has outsourced / rented space on their ships to other companies. I am not sure of the agreement between these other companies and RCCL, but watch yourself in some of the transactions. The sale of paintings is reported on several forums to be a scam. As you can guess once you bought the painting it comes from a warehouse on shore and gets shipped to your house. Who knows how the pricing is set and of course try to contact someone after you receive your goods. Based on my past experiences, few of the outside vendors on board the ship are topshelf. I understand a person maybe charged a little more for the convenience of having it close, and at the same time I ask myself if the service providers can not be employed on shore and have to live in the crowed conditions of a ship, then what service level should I expect vs what they are charging. Your experience ?
  11. Hi MACE.... we are at 90 days away and still can not book certain things. I would think, those that booked last year and RCCL has their money all this time, that we would be allowed to book before the last minute cruisers that sometimes pay less than us. There should be some advantage with the Entertainment since we booked so early. Frustrating, that they are cutting back on the long time cruisers benefits and do not allow us to book the "free entertainment" when we pass over our money to RCCL !
  12. This is a screen shot of the US Customs & Boarder Patrol... now known as ICE !
  13. This is greatly appreciated and your comments are very helpful !
  14. We did Bermuda last June on the Summit in Aqua class and loved Bermuda. Did the Island tour through the ship and took several other tours. Bermuda is classy and a little expensive and once you go you will not go back to the Bahamas. All of the excursions are well done and of course what you do is to your taste. Can't do it all. Hamilton on Wed night was great.
  15. We are looking at the Hidden Gems excursion this summer on Anthem of the Seas. It seems a little expensive and wondering if anyone has had experience with is excursion. Thank you.
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