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  1. Our first cruise on Royal was booked with a Leap Day Sale. Sorry, I don't recall the specifics, but my BFF who is Diamond+ was speechless with the rates. This coming year 2020 is in fact a Leap Year.
  2. CLE2CRUISE: Wow! Just read your Grandeur review. You did a super job - so informative and the the pics were great!! Thanks for all the time you put into it. And, yes, cruising is addicitve. 😀
  3. CLE2CRUISE: Thanks for the "late night" info. Sounds like we have some options. Schooner Bar area is one of my favorite places on Royal ships. We did a Celebrity cruise a few yrs back and the ship was pretty much "dead" after the second show. Ended up watching movies in the cabin just about every night. I will check out your review. Thanks!! 😎
  4. I have read some reviews saying that Grandeur basically "closes down" at 10pm. Are there any late evening (before midnight) activities, areas with music, etc? We are not big partiers, but do enjoy a nice glass of wine with some music. Thanks!
  5. There were two formal nights on a six day Rhapsody cruise out of Venice two years ago.
  6. Oops, sorry I just realized your question was about non-formal night. I bring with an assortment of nice tank tops, cardigan or two (I am always cold), and capris/leggings. Then I switch it all out throughout the cruise. Also, a top I wear for those couple of hours for dinner will later serve as a daytime top. I coordinate it all around black sandals. My hubby and I usually do not check our bags. So one must be resourceful. (He travelled to Asia, South America, Europe for many years and taught us all to be very light packers. My mother-in-law did not believe it would work, but was amazed at the end of 7 days that I had not repeated the same exact outfit day or night.) Husband usually wears nicer black jeans and nicer black crew neck top. For formal night he may put over a sport coat.
  7. I find my little black dress is perfect for cruising. I wear it both formal nights just with a different cover up, usually a pashmina one night and then a thin chiffon waist-length no-button shrug. Plus these items use up very little luggage space. As a matter of fact, 2 cruises ago, I had to do some last minute hemming an hour before dinner since I had worn that little black dress so much. So double check those hems before you leave home. 😊
  8. Thanks! I agree. There is always something that you can find if you try, but I don't let that ruin my cruise. We have never sailed the huge ships, but Grandeur may be the smallest in a long time. (Our honeymoon cruise ship had only 800 passengers.) Thanks again for all your very valuable insights and the wonderful photos!!!!
  9. I have been reading the Grandeur reviews here on Cruise Critic and I see many comments regarding the ship being worn, dirty, smelly. Any comments or observations? I have come to take many of the reviews with a grain of salt, maybe sea salt haha. Years ago we cruised a Carnival ship 2 cruises prior to dry dock and noticed alot of things needing repair: scratches on elevator doors, carpet tears, etc. However, it in no way deterred us from having a great cruise. Your thoughts? Thanks!! 😃
  10. Welcome back! I loved your review and allowing me to "cruise" along with you and your family. Thanks, too, for all the very helpful info. Have never cruised out of Port of Baltimore and all your details about customs, parking, etc are great! Have a good week!! 😀
  11. Capt BJ: Thank you soooo much for your awesome and very detailed reply. I happened to see it, but do not have the time right now to go through it all. When I have more time, I will check it all out. We are looking to just do our own thing in both ports. Years ago we spent a few pre-cruise days at the Cocoa Beach hotel (Best Western?) that is in the same building as Ron Jon's Surf Shop. We loved the beach that is right there and are looking to just do a relaxing "beach day". It looks like that is very doable. Thanks again for all the details!!!! 😀😊
  12. Thanks! I was hoping to get a reply with what dishes we might expect. Afraid it would just be "bland chicken" every day on his plate. Might just approach it the way we do in any restaurant. Being smart of what he chooses and asking for sauces on the side.
  13. So awesome of you to take time on your cruise to post your review!! Enjoying the ship info and your gorgeous photos!! 😀
  14. Perfect! Helps to know that taxis are available when these places are ports of call. Never had a port of call in the US other than Key West. Thanks, everyone! 😄
  15. Can you request a low fat diet for the Main Dining Room and what can we expect to be served? (I know, you are thinking why even go on a cruise, but it is for hubby's health requirement.) Thanks!
  16. Good to know. Maybe my "search skills" need some help. 🤔 I will check out those forums further. Thanks, again.
  17. Thanks! By the way, I did search the Florida Departure Port forum, but I couldn't find any topics regarding Orlando and Miami as ports of call (and not departure ports). I did see that there are specific forums for New Orleans and other US cities as ports of call but not Orlando or Miami. Thanks again!! 😀
  18. I apologize if this is not the correct forum for this question, but I have searched and there is no other place I can ask this. (No forum for Florida ports of call, that I could find anyway.) Our Grandeur cruise stops at Cape Canaveral and Miami as ports of call. Does anyone know if the ship docks at the usual Royal Caribbean terminal as the departure port? Are taxis available when we dock? Trying to figure out how far Cocoa Beach and South Beach, respectively, are from the terminals and heading there on our own. Any other suggestions for things to do? Thanks!
  19. Thanks, everyone, for all the information. We always bring bottled water ashore to make sure we stay hydrated. I am OK with the ship's water in a small reusable bottle. My hubby doesn't drink the ship's water. To each his own. If he wants to go through the hassle of carrying it aboard, so be it. I am more concerned about the wine. 🤗 Turns out I have had ankle swelling on our cruises in the last years. It is part of getting older. 🙁 Some have said it was the water, others say it is the food. I rarely use salt when I cook for health reasons. So I am thinking it might be the salt in the food. Tastes yummier, but not as good for the body. And get ready to laugh. I saw a post saying that she bought the Deluxe Beverage Package, buy one get one 50% off. When I do the math it might be a better alternative. I will keep an eye on the beverage packages for our cruise. If not, I am thankful to all of you for the information. Have a Happy Father's Day!!😃😃
  20. Are you allowed two bottles of wine per cabin regardless of length of cruise? (We are booked on an 8-day.) How many and what size bottled water are allowed to be brought on at embarkation? Thanks so much!!
  21. Hi! Just booked Grandeur JS 8550. Any issues with noise from the Centrum? This cabin is just a few away from the Centrum stairs/elevators per the deck plan. Thanks!
  22. Thanks regarding the cabin number. We have booked 8552. I may still call Royal. I had no idea that any cabins had poles!! 😲 Have a good day!
  23. Hi! Awesome review and the pics were beautiful! Thanks! What was your cabin number? Just booked a cruise on the Grandeur in a Junior Suite on deck 8 and would like to avoid that wretched "pole in the cabin". Thanks!
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