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  1. We got this as well, but I'm not impressed with a 10% discount after a 40% increase.
  2. alcman


    For what is worth, we upgraded our elite plus to unlimited package to unlimited and it cost $175 for a 12 night cruise. This meant the original,price was $269. So it looks like they raised the price $30 recently. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  3. alcman

    Craziest thing you've seen another passenger do

    I agree completely. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  4. alcman

    On the Eclipse and LOVING it!!!!!

    We were on Eclipse on January 22 with 4 others and the experience in Blu was great. Fahtih was extraordinary and our waiter ZaZa was the best. Jasna was our Sommelier and she did a fantastic job of getting us wines we loved to drink. Just loved the experience of going to dinner because of them. ZaZa and Fatih even checked in with us while we ate in the specialty restaurants to make sure our experience there was top notch. Could not ask for better.
  5. We were also on that crew and our experience, other than we were AQ, was similar. The onboard entertainment did not quite cut it. We had Mohammad in Quisine and he was great. Our wait staff in Blu was extraordinary, Fatih, the Matre D', his assistant Ghanna, ZaZa our waiter and Jasna, the sommelier were great. Whatever we wanted, always made the dinner. ZaZa always had my bowel of fresh Jalapenos ready when I sat down and Jasna always had some special wines for us to try.. By the way, our experience in Tuscan was not like yours as we had an extraordinary meal for 6 served in an appropriately timely manner. It may be that Fatih and ZaZa showed up to introduce us to the staff and check on us in every specialty restaurant we went. Overall, a really great vacation.
  6. Wonderful video. It was a great cruise.
  7. alcman

    Suggested Cutback

    [quote name='NLH Arizona']I guess I'm not most people either nor are a lot who cruise with Celebrity who like the bands. BTW, I'm not the demographic that Celebrity is trying to attract. Some of us older folks like the bands/music. Wish people would just speak for themselves and not say they are speaking for most people, when they are not.[/quote] I agree completely. Some one complained about loudness on our recent Eclipse cruise and was heartily shouted down. I am amazed that without the slightest actual data, someone can speak for us all.
  8. [quote name='Celebrity Cruises']Hi all, We installed an update for the website in the middle of the night. Please let us know if you continue to have any issues.[/quote] I cant log in as of 3 pm Eastern
  9. alcman

    Cant see my booking on My Celebrity ...

    16th in New Jersey; no access yet.
  10. alcman

    2015 TA schedule

    [quote name='Wine-O']I booked Silhouette again. I'm also looking at Silhouette Eastbound, but will decide and book it while on Connie next month if we decide. You get a better deal (OBC) booking while on a cruise than booking now, except now you get great cabin assignment.[/QUOTE] Hi wine-o. We met on the inaugural Silhouette trans. We booked this one too. Looking forward to seeing you again. Jerry Sent from my iPad using Forums mobile app
  11. alcman

    Question for Techies

    iMessage, the text app on an iPhone, defaults to using data when it connects to another Apple device. Just change the setting to send as sms and you will not need data to send texts and receive texts.
  12. alcman

    Question for Techies

    Turn off cellular data and you will only be able to get voice and texts. However, if u get a call or go to voicemail you will be charged.
  13. alcman

    Question for Techies

    Of course it's cheaper to go to a hotspot, but not always convenient while on vacation. Don't want to take time away from the vacation activities to get free Internet if all it costs is $25 to avoid the search. It just depends on where you balance personally balance cost and convenience. Also, checked the Verizon site and it appears St. Thomas is $1.99 per minute for voice, but it indicates data is "domestic".
  14. alcman

    Question for Techies

    In addition to all the great advice, I would note that Verizon offers a $25 per 100 MB of data option. I purchase that in order to use my iphone while in port. If you exceed 100 MB, they will automatically renew it. Much cheaper rate than if you do it without the package and inadvertently download data or mail. Note that iMessage is a data user to other Apple products and that google maps (or any other mapping program) is a huge data hog. Jerry