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  1. Our cruise is not until the summer, but it goes along the Italian coast and ends in Rome. Yesterday Italy closed its borders so I doubt that any cruises will be docking there for the next few weeks at least. I would expect cruise lines that are affected to either reschedule or offer credit notes since no one will be able to visit to Italy for the foreseeable future. If anyone has a cruise due to sail in the next month or so I would be getting in touch with Seadream to ask what they are doing.
  2. Both are great, but we really love the Windstar. The crew, their fantastic, jolly female Captain - all of it. The cabins are fine - yes I think they are all as you describe bar the suites. Very comfortable. You will have a great time whichever you choose. If you have already tried Windsurf and don't mind a slightly smaller ship, then why not go for Windstar.
  3. We have sailed on Silver Shadow, which had really excellent service - but food was much better on Seabourn. However, for a Greek Isle cruise we would usually go with Windstar - smaller ships more suited to island sailing. So far as ports are concerned, Bodrum and Rhodes and of course Kusadasi (for Ephesus) remain favourites and 'must do's'. Don't miss the Crusader castle at Bodrum. Mykonos was disappointing - Pretty, but not much to see or do at all and we were soon back on the boat.
  4. The timer shown in the first post is a great idea and definitely a step in the right direction. I read this post with disappointment, but it was certainly a factor in our decision not to sail Encore any longer. The pool deck there was not pleasant, people were packed in like sardines - and that was just the pool itself. It does seem that Seabourn is starting to suffer from the 'Carnival' effect. Perhaps the behaviour from the larger ships owned by the group is starting to make itself felt. Its a great shame and disappointment that people can be so selfish - especially on Seabourn.
  5. We always just grab a taxi from the taxi rank outside the terminal and have never had a problem.
  6. Earlier in May this year we used a company run by Pedro called ‘Lisbon Taxi - Splendid Transfer’ for airport and hotel transfers. They were reliable, had nice drivers and reasonably priced. They also offer tours although we didn’t try those. We will certainly use them again. Would also recommend the free Discover Walks (they operate on a tip basis) which we enjoyed very much. Get a Viva Viagem card from any Metro station and ride the tubes, buses and trams - €6.90 for 24 hours and use it as much as you want. OR you can just Pre-load the amount you want for one or two jo
  7. Aliguna is not quite the same as the vaporetto but it’s still public transport. DO take a water taxi - it’s a real treat and so, so worth it. The Vaporetto and Aliguna gets crowded and you don’t want to but trying to negotiate it with luggage. We paid about 80 euros from the airport to the Marriott last year. Also, check out ‘Venice Unica’ the official tourist info site for info on day tickets for the Vaporetto and more.
  8. We have only done one SS - on Shadow, a couple of years ago. We felt misled by those who had told us that SS and Seabourn were much similar. Seabourn is more relaxed and definitely superior except for the service - where SS staff ran them close and House champagne which was also much better on SS. Food was not great at all and the ship was dated and in need of a makeover. We enjoyed our cruise on SS, but did not like it as much as Seabourn.
  9. That’s a very nice itinerary. We especially enjoyed Valencia, Majorca and Menorca. Valletta is wonderful. Formal nights usually mean cocktail dresses for ladies and suits for men but you will also see some long evening gowns and black ties. Those who don’t wish to join in usually dine in the Colonnade or by the pool. i hope you enjoy the cruise and look forward to your trip report.
  10. I’m guessing that this was one of the porters hired locally to deal with luggage, as onboard crew would never ask for a tip. There is a lot of poverty in the Caribbean and we always tip locals - so it would not have been a problem for us.
  11. I agree, let us hope that common sense kicks in eventually. We always enjoy a visit to Antigua, Nelson's Dockyard is a 'must see' and the view from the National Park is beautiful.
  12. Yes, I don’t understand why a premium line like Seabourn doesn’t have a website to match!
  13. I believe the cancellations kick in from November so March should be ok.
  14. I agree about the Seabourn website. I wish they would spend a bit of money and get a new one, its impossible. However, back to Antigua - it seems to have only just happened in the last few days. Sorry I am not smart enough to copy links etc, however try googling 'Carnival cancels Antigua' and it should come up. Cruise Mavens and Cruise Hive among others are also carrying it. The Antiguan newspaper 'Nation News' dated March 12 carries the story 'Carnival Cruiselines cancels stops to Antigua'. I think I am right in saying that Carnival Corp own Seabourn? Seabourn Odyssey is
  15. Does anyone know why Carnival is cancelling all Seabourn calls to Antigua later this year? I happened to see it online in some of the Caribbean papers as well as Cruisehive (sorry, I wasn't able to copy a link). I gather that Holland America are set to follow suit. Its disappointing for us as we love visiting Antigua.
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