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  1. Hi, looking at a cruise June 19, 2019, Barcelona to Venice, 9 days Constelation. Celebrity web sight does not show the category C2 vs C3 category price difference. So how does a Captain Club member get the rate difference? Also, is there a place to check if a cruise has a large group booked? It is to far out for this cruise to be so full—out of various categories. Thank you
  2. Hi, I also have a reservation for the Dec 1 sailing. I have been reading the posts regarding dinner at the Eden and it sounds interesting and since I do not know anything about the specialty restaurants, the Eden seems more like a restaurant for couples. I am a solo traveler, so what do you think, should I save my money, book the Eden or would you recommend a different one? Thank you for you ideas, see you (maybe——-) in December. Sammie aka Patricia
  3. Sammie. 1900

    Amsterdam airport van service

    Hi, thank you for the info, can I just go outside to the curb and get a shuttle without making a reservation? I am staying at Hilton DoubleTree by the train station, I tried the hotel name and address, but no info was found (I probably spelled the address in the wrong order). Thank you, Pat
  4. Sammie. 1900

    Amsterdam airport van service

    Hi Ine, could you recommend the best way for a solo lady traveler to go from the AMS airport to a hotel located by the train station? With one suitcase and a carry on, I am not sure the train would be a good idea. Thank you, Pat
  5. Hi Crusin Kelly, reg: Train to Moscow--was the train airconditioned, (I ask because the Celebrity owned train to Berlin several years ago was not) was the Moscow train a Celebrity train, or were tour passengers all in one car? Do you recall the cost? I have been to St Pete before several years ago and the offer then was a plane ride, I did not do it. Why was your trip disappointing--other than the 17 hours, which was about how long the trip would have been on the plane? Thank you for your review, Pat
  6. Sammie. 1900

    Amsterdam Hotels ???

    Hi Ine, I am a single traveler that could use your advice on a hotel that would be good for a single person to stay at and walk out the door and be close to some interesting points of interest such as Anne Frank's house or something else interesting. I will be going on Viking Modi Oct 16, 2017, will be in Amsterdam for two days pre cruise. What about Doubletree at Centrraal Station, O0sterdoksstraar 4, Amsterdam, will this be close to something's or need a lot of cab rides? Is it close to the River docking place? Friends staying at Movenpick (I want to use Hilton points) is it close to them? Thank you for your help, Pat
  7. Thank you for the info on other agencies offering same for couples or singles. I have always purchased insurance from cruise lines. Most of the time my trips as a single have been cheaper (or on another cruise line) so I did not question the price of insurance. This time other friends I travel with were saying their insurance (as couples) was much ($59) cheaper. Celebrity calculates their insurance on each passenger so if a trip costs $5998 and according to Charles at Aon the system divides total by two which would then be $2999, look up amount for that which is $198 each or $398. For a single, system looks up cost of $5998 which is $459 ( ea cost of a $12,000 trip if two were booked). Such an easy fix if they wanted to fix it. Thank you again ps sorry about the caps in the heading, the type is so small here was not sure how it transfers when posted
  8. Noticed on Celebrity web if you book a cruise as a single occupant you pay MORE for travel insurance than if two people occupied the cabin. An example: Total cost of cabin =$5998. Per Celebrity's invoice for a solo single it will be $459. For two people it will be $199 ea or total $398. So single travelers pay $61 more to insure the same $5998 dollar amount. I talked to captain club and she was nice, understood my problem, but couldn't do anything about it so she gave me the phone number for Celbrity insurance. Per Charles that is just how it is calculated. It would be a simple programming adjustment to fix the computer so the solo rate would be the same as 2 (since solo passenger pays for 2 people), but we all know how Celebrity's IT department works. I realize I don't have to use Celbrity insurance it is just more convenient. Thank you for letting me rant. Any ideas on how to correct the overpayments?