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  1. Many times we’ve looked in various cabins while we’re passing by if the door is open and the steward is making up the room, usually because we’re curious about the various cabin layouts. Sometimes, not often, but sometimes, it’s a disgusting mess. As a result, just in case those kind of messy passengers have inhabited our cabin on the previous cruise, my wife also does a quick wipe down with disinfectant. And I don’t think the OP had any hidden agenda, I think they were genuinely curious if other people do the same thing. And my answer is yes.
  2. Sounds great! Nice to hear some cruise lines don’t skimp on relatively large scale entertainment.
  3. Of course I miss the production shows too. They were always fun, sometimes a little quirky, and usually met my substantially lowered expectations. But since they're not around anymore, the Step One Dance shows and Post Modern JukeBox are the next best thing. And at least, for me, the singers in JukeBox are a higher quality than those featured in the old production shows. Though we can all debate these two new offerings, they’re basically all we’ve got. All the other featured main stage performers are either boring, bad, embarrassing, or, sadly, all three combined.
  4. I do agree that the second dance show was not as good as the first, but I did think the first one was sensational, and the second pretty good, and both better than HA’s older production shows. And we found Post Modern JukeBox really fun, with great performers. The problem for me is that I believe these shows can’t be found on non Pinnacle Class ships. Which leaves what? Nothing! Nada. Zilch. The rest of the main stage entertainment is almost always disappointing. They even had a magician on the Nieuw Statendam that was pretty embarrassing. We like the music walk, but it’s presence shouldn’t drain the entirety of their entertainment budget.
  5. Speaking of offensive cruise ship audience behavior, I’d also include the people near the front who get up to leave ten minutes before the show is over. Not fair to the performers.
  6. I thought the exact same thing until I was on the Nieuw Statendam this summer and saw both Post Modern JukeBox and two shows by the One Step Dance Company. They both utilize all the technology available in the theatre and are spectacular, and are better and bigger than their past production shows. But they’ve got to get versions of these shows onto their other ships as well, where your comments are still valid.
  7. Just FYI...I subscribed to your thread on the Regent board, and when you moved it to Crystal, it automatically migrated. You won’t lose any readers!
  8. Jackie.. Loving all your posts! A question about an intangible. What’s the “vibe” of the ship? And how does it differ from Regent? Does the captain have a presence? And how is the CD?
  9. Jackie... This will be fun to follow for the next week! Thanks for doing this. And of course have fun!
  10. We did a ten day cruise to Mexico on The Star about a year and a half ago and, yes, the buffet really is that bad. Near the end of the cruise I actually got sick off a piece of bad fish I ate there. But even without that negative experience, the buffet was awful. Holland America’s is better. So is Celebrity’s.
  11. My wife and I are four star, and of course the CO perks kind of irk us. If HA undermines their loyalty program by diluting the benefits too much, changing the rules and making some more easily obtainable, they run the risk of alienating the very demo that’s given them the most business. And that could also de-incentivize repeat cruisers. I don’t think CO is the end of the world, though, especially since it doesn’t strike me in any way as a good value.
  12. Thats definitely a good option, and one we never considered. Not sure how I feel about paying double for early check in, though.
  13. We just stayed at the Movenpick prior to a 21 day cruise on the Nieuw Statendam. The advantage to staying there is that it’s an easy walk, less than 3 minutes, to the cruise terminal. But we’ll never stay there again. Check in time isn’t until 3:00 pm (with no exceptions). If your flight arrives in the morning, as ours did, there’s no way to either settle in or rest for an hour or two before exploring Amsterdam. It was a huge inconvenience. The hotel isn’t in the Old Town, which is about a ten minute walk away. It borders a waterway on one side and a noisy highway on the other. It’s restaurant is over priced and bad. The hotel itself is bland and generic. HA must have some kind of cheap deal with them because the rooms they gave the passengers were far from their best. We had a great cruise, but our first night at this place started things off on a bit of a sour note.
  14. Thank you for the quick and positive answers!!!
  15. Hey guys... One last question from my wife. Does the complimentary laundry include complementary pressing?
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