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  1. I hope to cruise again after the Covid19 situation settles and a vaccine is available. We have rebooked our cancelled Nov 2020 cruise for Nov 2021 and I am optomistic this will be a go. Also booked for Alaska May 2021 and hopeful on that timing. I am one who will not cruise if I have to wear a face covering.....I am a firm believer in wearing them and do so everytime I go out....but just not willing to spend a bunch of money to have to wear one on the ship and in ports while on vacation !
  2. Thanks. I may try another call...we all know how that works! May I ask what cruise you were successful with, and did your email specify that booking or did you do a new booking? We are on the Enchanted for Nov 30. Thanks
  3. FYI I called Princess and got right through. I was told this is a targeted Promo.....I can apply it to my May 2021 Alaska cruise (referenced on email I received) but not to a new booking for Nov 2021 (which is really what I wanted). Too bad....I actually would have paid for that one up front if they would have applied the promo, and they would have my money a year early. The May cruise I will think about as we may change it and have no cash outlay currently....just FCD.
  4. I loved that train ride from Denali to Whittier! It was long but the train is very comfortable and the scenery is just beautiful. Plus you can get up, walk around, get drinks, go to the dining car to eat etc.
  5. I am on the Sky 11/30 Carribean sailing and to be honest I kinda wish they would just cancel and take the difficult decision out of my hands. Was so looking forward to the new ship and got a great price on a great cabin. But while I do wear a facemask in public at home I personally am not willing to spend thousands of dollars to wear one on vacation. I will be holding out til final payment in the hope that its cancelled and perhaps we can get the 125% cruise credit currently being offered. I put the odds at greater than 50% for more cancelled sailings here in the US and about 0% chance of hav
  6. Personally I do not wish for any of the cruise lines to fail. We enjoy cruising on both NCL and Princess, and occassionally Carnival. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. I am simply hopeful all lines find the best way to sail again while keeping passengers and crew as safe as possible. And (this is a big and) hopefully passengers will do their part as well to avoid sailing if ill, report illnesses, use handwashing/sanitizer stations, etc.
  7. I was sailing that same week, but in the Carribean. I am sorry to hear you were sick but glad you have recovered. I just want to say that I respect your attitude that people get sick and it is not necessarily the fault of the cruiseline. This is a pandemic unlike anything most of us have ever seen in our lifetime.
  8. Yes an actual bookng question! Before Princess Plus became a seemingly permanent rate, we did an add on for our Nov/Dec cruise at $25/day for drinks/internet (we had grats already under 3 for Free). We are now booking for Alaska in 2021. The Plus rate is +$40/day over Saver rate. Anyone know if the add on codes can be used with the Saver rate (ie. grats+drinks, grats+internet, etc when you dont need all 3) and if so what is the pricing? Here's hoping some of the traditional promos appear later this year but with the current cruising situation who knows! Thanks.
  9. Yes...exactly this. I have cruises booked for next year with this new 'Sale' price which really is just the not 'Princess Plus' price. I am hopeful when things finally settle down the previous 3 for Free, Landmark Sale, etc will rotate back into play. If I like it better I will refare.
  10. I think by mid March, with the known spread of the disease, pretty much everyone who was on a cruise ship or on a plane/in airports should have been self-isolating by default, as a precaution.
  11. It's for sure a 10:11AM flight. EZAir came up allowing flights after 10am from FLL. But good point... I did just check and arrival is scheduled for 6am. So its roughly 4.25 hours after arrival.
  12. Wow! Did you use Princess airport transfer or just grab a cab/Uber? You are making me feel better about this choice. Other option is a mid afternoon flight out of MIA and we would rather get home early afternoon rather than evening.
  13. How about a non-Coronavirus/cancellation question. Looking forward to our Sky cruise late this year. EZAir will allow me to book a 1015 flight home from FLL. I realize we will probably need to walk off with our luggage. Is this realistic? How would EZAir handle rebooking if we miss this flight...ie disembarkation is delayed, etc. We have been pleased with EZAir in the past but never flown in or out of FLL or tried cutting the time this close. Experiences? Thanks!
  14. Yes. In fact just booked Alaska for May 2021 and already booked on the Sky dor Dec 2020.
  15. Sorry you are right. I meant FCD as in purchased on our last cruise. And darn....I was hoping to do it without calling. I would just let expire and rebook since it gives me the option to apply at booking, but the price has gone up $50 in the last 24 hrs! Live and learn I guess. Thanks.
  16. Has anyone done this without calling Princess? Have a hold on a cruise for next year and want to apply FCC now as down payment. Without having to call and be on hold forever....
  17. We tendered last week and were on the island by 8am. Pretty much just walked right on the tender. Took our own water from the ship. Bought a few soft drinks and ate lunch in one of the restaurants. FYI soft drinks are less expensive in the restaurants than from the drink carts.
  18. Just got back Sunday so we were there last week. No clamshells by the pool but you can get chairs shaded by a combination of umbrellas and trees. We had planned to lounge in shade on the beach but decided after getting there we wanted to be near the pool.We got on an early tender and were on the island by 8am and pretty much had our choice of chairs. By 11am the shaded chairs by the pool were full. Our chairs started to get sun maybe 230ish and we ended up going back to the ship by 3. We LOVED Harvest Caye. But go early to get chairs of your choice! Note this was with 2 ships in port, we w
  19. On this cruise in a few weeks. Was planning to arrive at the port fairly early in hopes of getting on the ship. When did you arrive and when did you get to board?
  20. I am wondering....how do you find the sailing with no single supplement. I usually sail with my husband but I get more PTO than he does so I have considered trying out a solo cruise and not interested in the NCL Studio Single rooms. Thanks.
  21. And now...back to the tendering situation. Anyone heard how long til the dock is repaired? I will be there in a few weeks and really hoping to not have to tender.
  22. I will look for them in a few weeks. We found ourselves at O'Sheehans several nights last cruise and not at the buffet. I will try to hold it down to 1 or 2 lbs....lol...
  23. Just now reading about the damaged dock and tendering. Anyone know how long before the dock will be repaired? Tendering is a real pain. We have booked a parasail excursion in a few weeks so wondering if we should adjust the time to be earlier (in the hope of getting priority tendering). Did I mention how I hate tendering!!
  24. Cant answer your question but thanks for the info. I had actually been looking at that cruise when one day.....poof....it disappeared! Guess I will watch for the one on the 17th to come back online.
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