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  1. We were booked on SOS on Dec 5, but I don’t see the US allowing Europeans in by then, or would be comfortable without a vaccine to do a cruise. So did a L&S to SOS Dec 4th with price guaranteed (only $19 more in port taxes) and final payment moved to September 2021. Happy that we could do the L&S, bummer that I don’t get to cruise again this year (was on SOS late February and loved it). Here’s hoping that by then COVID is under control/or there is a working vaccine, we can fly to the US again & SOS is sailing.
  2. @Ocean Boy thank you, really appreciate it 🤩 Guess we’ll go for 6728, I love to sleep with the door open & get the ocean breeze in. Not a big airconditioning fan.
  3. Looking at an early December ‘20 cruise, hopefully by then the world is back to “normal”. Does anyone know the bed placement for these cabins on Symphony? 12730 6728 11730 Thanks so much 👋
  4. Wow, that’s brutal weather. Yeah, I’m also done with the grey & windy 🌬 Dutch “winter” 😀. It will be Uber for us as well, maybe faster than waiting for the shuttle.
  5. Awesome, thx you all for the advise. I’ll book online with Alamo & take the shuttle to the airport rental center. We,re planning to go shopping, so airport rental center is almost on route 😄
  6. Hi, we are on the Symphony of the Seas cruise of Febr 22 out of Miami. 16 days & counting ✨ When we come back on the 29th, we want to do a car rental for the 3 days we are staying on in Miami. Is there a car rental facility directly at the Miami RC port? If yes, are all rental companies there? I like to rent from Alamo if possible, but not a must. Or is the only option to take a shuttle/taxi/Uber from the Port to Miami Int. Airport? #daretoask
  7. Thanks for sharing your SOS experience with us, seems that you and your family had a great trip. We’re on SOS February 22 & are so excited.
  8. Thanks for sharing your wonderful family cruise with us 😀
  9. During our last cruise on Harmony Samuel was our favorite bartender too, he makes the most amazing drinks 🍹 Your tropical outfit rocks! You make a wonderful happy couple together. Thanks for a great review.
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