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  1. Just a little follow up to my last post. I was doing a bit of research and MedJet does not cover for trips over 90 days. They probably offer some other policy, but that is what is for the standard policy.
  2. Not to confuse the situation more, traditional Medicare only covers for hospitalized care in a Hospital that has a provider agreement (and are appropriately licensed by the State licensing agency) with CMS. In the US, almost all hospitals have such a provider agreement. The general advise is that traditional Medicare does not cover for care outside of the United States, it's Commonwealths or Territories). There are some unique exceptions, but would even confuse it more. For someone that has a Medicare Advantage Plan (aka Medicare Part C), some of those plans (as an add on feature) cover care outside of the US. In most cases, when a person seeks medical or hospital care outside of the US, they entity of provider will request payment. I live in Baltimore, Maryland so we have many people seek treatment here from out of State (and country). I know in a previous post, someone mentioned Medjet. I have several colleagues whose patients have utilized their services and they were quite pleased. As a clinician, I wonder how if someone needs acute tertiary care, how the process could ever be from ship to receiving hospital. The degree of expertise and equipment is somewhat limited on ships, so I would image that a stop at a full service hospital would be in the mix.
  3. With the dramatic rise (only kidding) in the value of NCL stock, maybe the CEO bought 7 million dollars worth of stock with the proceeds of the sale of his home a few weeks ago.
  4. You are absolutely correct, but then again that is the job of a CEO to due. You could tell there was even some hesitation in their voice when asking him questions.
  5. Can you imagine what the Q3 call will be like if nothing changes. WOW
  6. Restructure as in voluntary or via Chapter 11 Bankruptcy?
  7. All of these companies have the metrics as to where they make money and where they do not. I also believe there will be some survival, but what we knew will never be again. Wherever the data takes (as far as maximum return) the cruise lines, that is what we will have. Obviously we will not be able to do it for what prior costs where, but that will be the price we pay to enjoy cruising.
  8. That is actually the logo for the University of Maryland School of Medicine
  9. I cannot agree more. The markets will determine who survives and does not. I profess to have little knowledge about the economics of the travel industry, but when I look at the cruise lines, read some of the investment columns, cruise lines have an amazing amount of debt, not a bright horizon (sans testing and a effective vaccine) and bleeding money. Once people stop paying their final payment for cruises (in their own gut, probably know will not happen) the walls will come crumbling.
  10. When you dig into the CDC guidance to date, they are not talking about stabilizing and triaging, they are talking ICU level of care. Would love to know where they are going to get the level of physicians and nurses to accomplish this task.
  11. We are also booked on that cruise (Navigator) and unless things have really improved by November 3, we will not be giving any more money to any Cruise line. I have enough FCC on Regent, certainly do not need anymore.
  12. If the guests get off and end up getting this highly contagious aerosolized virus, the staff (as well as fellow passengers) will probably end up getting it anyway. As has now been shown, masks are just one of the protective measures we should utilize. Many scientists/clinicians are now saying that when in close proximity situations, eye protection (such as goggles) should be used. I know we all enjoy cruising, but there is a reality to the science.
  13. I thought it was staged, but it looks like it really happened. Wow, makes me more nervous every day.
  14. Please tell me this is a joke. Its been a long day lol
  15. I would leave that to the infectious disease and epidemiological experts. From some of the stuff I marginally read, they did not agree with that. They were looking in the context of health care workers (docs, nurses, etc.) and it was a premise they did not support.
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