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  1. Want to thank all you guys for you responses to this video thread. You all make up for the negatives we sometimes see on this CC. You all have made my morning with chuckles and some LOL times. I know this was a serious situation and feel for the people involved, but also really good to see the sense of humor that others have shared. Love a good sense of humor!! Cruise on with faith that all will be well...
  2. colo cruiser...we are going to have to change the last "o" in you name and move it next to the first "o" which makes it "cool cruiser". But, cool does not begin to cover the incredible work you have done on this cruise with all your incredible pictures. "WOW" to say the very least. This thread is outstanding...THANK YOU!!! Husband and I with 4 friends will be on this great ship, Sky Princess, in January 2020. Love, love, love the Royal Class.
  3. CHENGKP75: Thank you so very much for your posts on this subject. Your knowledge and experience and been most helpful to understand the whole picture. We truly acknowledge the work all the cruise staff give and always with a smile.
  4. A little update from earlier today since now, have read other post plus OP stating ship is Sky instead of Sun. Regarding CulinaryCruiseGuy's post...it was great as well as post from USCcruisecrazy. Love these positive thinking people. My DH and I plus 4 friends are cruising on the Sky Princess on January 11, 2020. We have been on the Royal and Regal and love the Royal Class ships. OP...you will not be sorry you have chose Sky Princess. There is a post called Live from Sky Princess that was filled with great pictures and post from the Chris and Sandra (I think). You will have to look back 2 to 4 pages to find that thread. Would be worth your time. OP...you will be so glad you chose Sky Princess...Promise. This will be my 16th cruise on Princess, so going as Elite. One friend going is a retired doctor and it will be his first cruise. So much fun to go with someone on their first cruise ever.
  5. I just read your post and have not read any of the other replies, so don't know what others are saying. I can tell you, that Princess is one of the best if not the best. I have been on several of the Princess ships and have had nothing but a great time on all. I am not a negative person, but there is nothing negative to say on this subject. I sure all can find some things that go wrong, but that is life. IMHO, a cruise is about the journey and what you make of the journey is up to you. If friends and family are with you, that even makes it greater. You will meet new and interesting people and all the ships, no matter how old or how small or large will offer you the best time ever. Your choice.
  6. We were on the Caribbean Princess this past May and enjoyed it with dinner.
  7. Yes, on the Royal Class ships, they do not put a top sheet on, just the duvet. This is way to hot for me to sleep under, so always ask for a top sheet to be added on top of the fitted sheet. This was always done without any problem, except for one time. Steward did not seem to get the idea. Finally, he did and all was well. Sky booked in January 2020...YAY!!!
  8. I didn't think the OP post was sickening. I thought it was informative. Yes, my husband and I are very concerned, always, about having things "degermed" as much as possible. We always use Hydrogen Peroxide wipes, but on our January cruise, I will be bringing Hydrogen Peroxide spray. It takes about fifteen minutes or less to do everything and then we totally enjoy the rest of our cruise. Always have the spray handy to use if necessary. Plus, it will drive security crazy, trying to figure out if it is H2O2 or vodka. Thanks CineGraphic for sharing.
  9. Sorry, but don't know what your question means?
  10. Are my husband and I the only ones that have noticed that in the buffet eating area, those that clean used (dirty) tableware, plates, glasses and coffee cups off the tables, are the same hands, unwashed, that bring you your OJ, coffee, milk, tea, etc. to you??? I mentioned this on our post cruise survey last May but have not heard anything or cruised since. We will be on the Sky Jan 11th for 14 days, so will observe. PS: we get our own drinks when eating in the buffet.
  11. The Royal and Regal have bread pudding with awesome warm vanilla sauce in the dessert area every morning for breakfast. This has been my experience since that is all I have for breakfast every day on every cruise. YUM!!!
  12. These are the "sideways" interior cabins, I believe, on some decks. Have seen pictures of them on this site. Never had one, but have one booked on Sky Princess Jan 11, 2020 on Carib deck 10. Soooo looking forward to that cruise!!
  13. I may have missed if this question was ask before, but what is the pool in the front of the ship, looks like deck 7 or 8 area? Thought maybe was for the crew.
  14. Without a doubt...warm bread and butter pudding with warm vanilla sauce for breakfast...every morning of the cruise!!😉
  15. Call Princess or you Travel Agent and ask them. They should be able to answer your question.
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