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  1. "I love the poorly educated." -Donald Trump
  2. Don't worry, OP. Some people care. Perhaps the posters who live on this board don't care (even though they feel the need to bash you for daring to post your interests on this board). Perhaps some of the frequent posters might want to ignore threads they don't care about and accept that less-frequent visitors here might be interested in what you have to say.
  3. Ironically, one poster here suggested that "you need a hobby". Meanwhile, you have 482 posts while this person has almost 39,000. I'm assuming self-awareness isn't her strong point.
  4. I agree. To the OP, your husband should feel free to wear a baseball cap if he wishes.
  5. Some people love to play the victim over and over and over. They are called snowflakes.
  6. Which is why, on another thread awhile ago about preventing motion sickness, I suggested that people should consult with their personal physician regarding medical matters. It is rather remarkable that she said she is/was "in medicine" and seemingly knows nothing about communicable diseases, and openly gives misinformation.
  7. Hi again. Those unfriendly restaurant and bar workers weren't typically French but rather often from French-speaking islands in the Pacific. The staff from France (e.g. maitre-d', desk staff, etc) were generally quite friendly. Just wanted to clarify that. I seem to be unusual among people I speak with in that, when I visit France, I don't find the locals to be any less friendly than most places.
  8. My husband and I sailed Ponant a few years ago on an Iceland itinerary. On our sailing, the passengers were mostly French, but there were plenty of Americans, Canadians, and other native English speakers on board. Most staff with whom we interacted spoke English very well. Announcements will be first in French and then in English. We liked the small, intimate atmosphere, but there were problems. The food was surprisingly disappointing. We also found many of the young males who work in the restaurants and bars to be remarkably unfriendly and even rude. This was noted by a large number of both French and English-speaking passengers and it didn't seem to have anything to do with whether one was gay or not. For us, once was enough.
  9. Ha! It's possible. I had paella last month in Queens that had me in bed for a day. These kinds of threads nicely demonstrate one major reason why cruises exist. They are perfect for the timid traveler who doesn't really understand the complexities of a particular country or a region, including its cuisine, and who doesn't really want to know more. One poster in particular (the one who's afraid of pretty much everything) clearly doesn't understand that India has numerous regions, each with its own food specialties and styles. It's necessary to be careful when choosing, but experiencing those various cuisines is truly one of the delights of travel. But of course, one needs to eat outside the ship dining room to do so.
  10. Looks like the "doctor" needs to adjust his meds.
  11. In fairness, I've never come across a thread where an adult admits to being a hot mess. And yet...
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