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  1. Would be interested to know if passengers are being told that they will taken off the ship if they test positive. I suspect the ports requiring these test will become redundant pretty quickly.
  2. Me to, We are off to the Canaries at the end of November and should these protocols still be in place , we wont be getting off anywhere that requires a test or doing any excursions that could potentially link us to anyone else.
  3. Well said Baggy, I'm sure you'll love it. I would take the comments and criticism's on these boards with a very large pinch of salt. If P&O can take me around the med for 2 weeks for less than £70/night I'm not going to complain about the lack of a wine waiter or having to book a dining slot.😉
  4. I tested positive at the port back in July. They had to go and get our cases back off the ship 😆 Fortunately I was driving so could just jump back in the Car and drive home. P&O and CPS were fantastic . We had a full refund on the holiday and a full refund from CPS within a few days.
  5. To be fair the the cruise lines I think its more a case of doing as much as they can without making Cruises completely unpalatable or unviable. If it was just about keeping passengers safe and ships covid free then there would regular onboard testing, compulsory face mask wearing everywhere, 2m social distancing , no independent disembarking at ports, no buffet, no theatre entertainment etc etc. No one is going to be booking that. Covid is not going way and ultimately it will be down to the customer to choose if they are willing to take the risk of catching Covid .. If you cant take that risk because of an underlying health condition, then it maybe that you will have to stop cruising. I appreciate that sounds pretty harsh but even if Cruise lines could totally eliminate the risk of catching Covid , would they do it at the expense of the 99% of passengers who are unlikely to be effected by it? I don't think so.
  6. Thats a nice idea , but how many of us would book a cruise knowing that at anytime it throw off the ship. Getting tested at the Southampton is stressful enough without having to worry about getting tested every couple of days on board.
  7. These longer cruises are a gamble for passengers and cruise lines. How many of us would volunteer to be tested if we woke up with the sniffles on Day 2 of a 14 night cruise? Not many I suspect 😶
  8. If Portugal/ Lisbon continue to insist on passenger testing before disembarking then most are going to to stay on board. Why would you take the risk of ruining a 2 week holiday for the sake of one day in port. Other than staying in your cabin for two weeks there's no way of avoiding an infected passenger on board. Its also likely that if are infected you may not even know it and would just be taking a gamble every time you took an onboard test. I've got a cruise coming up which calls at Lisbon in November and unless this situation changes I wont be getting off. I suspect most of my fellow passengers will do the same if they know what the consequences could be . Maybe P&O should avoid these ports until they remove the test requirements.
  9. We're off to the Canaries on Ventura in November, but would have booked Iona if the timings had worked out for us as its doing the same itinerary more or less.
  10. Just managed to get through after an hour on hold to change a booking . Far from ideal but the service when I did get through was great .
  11. Also booked on Iona for January. Will probably move it if there's any doubts about getting off the ship independently. Also booked for the Canary's in November but not so bothered about that one as I will just be happy to have a holiday 😁
  12. Yes, they are being quite heavily discounted at the minute. Probably because a UK Seacation is not massively appealing in late September and October.
  13. I'm very much of the same opinion. We have booked 2 cruises in the last couple of weeks. One for the Canaries in November and one to Spain and Portugal in January. Its not the we are being overly optimistic it just that we've resigned ourselves to the fact that they may not happen. Therefore we wont be massively disappointed if they get cancelled or itineraries changed. If they go ahead then we've bagged a couple of bargains .We've already had 3 cruises cancelled in the last year so another two wont make much difference 😄
  14. Not sure if they have worked out how you are supposed to submit the Passenger Locator form with no internet out in the Bay of Biscay? Maybe P&O are planning on giving away free internet for 48 hours 🤣Lots of questions still unanswered .I appreciate they want to wait and see what develops but I can see there being quite a few cancellations over the next few weeks if they don't sort it out.
  15. Fair point. If I was paying for a suite I'd want to know where it was to. 😁
  16. No Simple answer to this relatively simple question I'm afraid so its going to be down to everyones individual experiences and preference. Personally I always book direct when I can. Not fussy about booking specific rooms and I've always had good service when needed direct from the cruise operator. I've always found any additional agent discounts / perks to be fairly insignificant and they can just add another layer of complexity the booking process. However if I'm booking a fly cruise (non P&O) then I will use an agent as it massively simplifies the process and good hotel/flight package deals can be had.
  17. I also had a positive PCR test at the terminal on the 15th July. Don't think it was ever reported to the NHS as I never had any follow from them or track and trace etc.
  18. Whatever the price is on your booking confirmation. If its significantly lower you could move your deposit to a future cruise or could just cancel and rebook at the lower price.
  19. If you driving and parking at the port g. CPS Parking etc. Then I would aim to get to the drive through test centre around 12:30. If you getting a taxi from the Hotel then get to the terminal around 12:45pm. As Graham said disembarking is usually around 8am at the latest. If you've not got huge suitcases then I would just keep hold of them and carry them off the ship yourself. Saves you hanging around, trying to find your cases. Have a great trip and start saving for your next one. (There will be a next one 🤣)
  20. Some of us still are keeping the wheels of industry turning and will be for sometime 😪 Bring on the big ships and all inclusive drinks !! I think Arvia could do with a few waterslides and a go-kart track to 🤣
  21. Yes all good now, thanks for asking. To be honest, after we got over the initial disappointment I was glad not to have made it onboard as it would have been a pretty miserable few days. May try again in a couple of weeks. 😀
  22. You forgot those nice Final Salary Pensions that so many of my fellow cruisers are so keen to tell me about over dinner 🤬
  23. If that was the 25th then it may well have been me. 🙂 If not then I'm not surprised that I wasn't the only one.
  24. Thanks for the replies. Sounds like I need to try both or retire so I can do a round trip 😁
  25. For those that have done them. Which is better East to West or West to East? I'm currently looking at a 15 Day East to West . I'm thinking having the weather get better each day as you sail towards the Caribbean is preferable to it potentially getting worse on the way back to Southampton in March/April. Down side is the flight home as I think sailing home would be a nicer way to finish a holiday. Any thoughts much appreciated.
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