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  1. Still no posts (one way or the other) on whether or not Princess solved the black soot issues on the Royal class ships aft suites. Royal & Regal both still suffer from the greasy soot that sticks to your feet and follows you into the suite daily. I'd sure appreciate hearing from any and all who have or are sailing Sky reporting in on this.
  2. Sky seems to have very few posts regarding her aft suites. Sister ships Royal and Regal both suffer from soot accumulating on the decks (and subsequently being tracked into the room). Anyone sailing her recently have intel on that?. I'm thrilled they brought back the aft adult pool. So nice to watch the fan tail while looking out over the edge of the pool. But the soot on the glorious aft corner suites is a game killer. Kind of surprised there's be no mention of it yet. Anyway... any and all feed back welcome - But please, keep it related to Sky Princess. Thanks.
  3. My final review will be posted later... I usually post daily and have fun with it. BUT... Celebrity has a VERY long way to go as a customer friendly company. Our Edge crew and ship experience was overall.. pretty good... but inevitably hampered by Celebrities disconnected (land) reservations service and the information they fed me and my long time travel agent (no rookie there!). She often called me back in total frustration after an hour or more phone call with Celebrity's folks. We never felt confident of our reservations or excursions. What you'd like to happen on your vacation is a "
  4. Bo1953... were you on this last cruise (12/15)?? I am a HUGE fan of your posts and truly appreciate your "level" posts. I'd love to share a beverage with you some day. As you know, my recent cruise was challenging.. but the ship and her crew were fantastic. Film at 11. 🙂
  5. Celebrity is SO disconnected at this point. Their call in reps say one thing and the ship (Edge) says another. Just (literally today) off Edge had aft Sky suite. Very nice suite. Certainly not an infinite veranda - set our adult kids up in those. Small but nice. Actually our aft suite was small compared to say Princess, but nice. We shared a deck with one of our kids (and Grandchild) and the total space felt very nice. My follow up post on Celebrity/Edge will follow in the next couple days. This was our first experience with Celebrity and I followed Edge from her keel laying on. I ha
  6. I think the thing for Celebrity (the company) to understand here is that next time I'm thinking about finding a relaxing vacation for myself & management or the whole family, my memories of the stress trying to make this cruise work will forever point me to other companies. The ship herself is nice!. Amazing, no. As a new concept (on many levels) I'm ok with that. But how fast they address things is key. They've spent an inordinate amount of time trying to get us to upgrade "stuff". Cabin upgrade "auctions" were emailed to all of us prior to sailing. For $59 a day per person I could
  7. Puska: We tried to link the bookings in the beginning (online) but failed. Originally I wanted to simply put down my credit card and let the family book their excursions, specialty meals etc.. as time went on. But no, it couldn't be that easy. Then there was the rush to get 8 people seated together. Because "management" and I are in a suite, we had options they didn't. Whenever things got messy I'd call in - wait about 45 minutes - and speak to a Celebrity rep who seemed to fumble through it about as poorly as I had and would usually end up apologizing and saying I'd need to take ca
  8. Earlier I started what usually is my "happy" topic thread related to our cruise(s). We're (I have 8 family members in 4 cabins - ours being a suite) on day two of our family cruise and the events of the day have forced me to change tones and vent my TOTAL frustration with Celebrity as a brand/company. We started planning this trip when they were laying Edge's keel. I've followed every part of the build and her first full year of sailing (much via CC) and have been chatting up the family for a full year. We literally could not wait to plan our first full family trip together. Our experienc
  9. Early start to our first sea day. So to finish day one's first impressions I'll bullet point: - boarding - AMAZING. Suite class gave us expedited boarding via a cushy lounge area. Once on board it was easy to find our cabin. Some luggage had already arrived! -aft Sky suite (corner) - Very nicely appointed. Just enough interior room to feel comfy. Great deck space which became greater as we opened the door between our Boston clans adjoining Sunset veranda cabin. Super nice is we also have a common entr
  10. Next ...The aft corner Sky suite itself. Nice. Small by comparison to Princess, but nice. Dollar for Dollar... guess I need to finish the cruise first, but for the $ ??? not ready to weigh in. Today has been overly long and I am exhausted. I believe I'll fill this in better tomorrow. Will add the crew has been amazing!. Always makes the whole experience great.
  11. ... sorry.. to finish... if you need a crib..NOT AN INFANT CRIB (ie under 3 months) BRING YOUR OWN! OR .. at least see if they've address this yet. Today.. nope. My son built a sudo bed/crib out of pillows and stuff to make it work - film at 11. To be open.. we asked for a crib for our 2 YEAR OLD about 3 months in advance. Not one option exists on the ship today. Parents be warned
  12. So we're new to Celebrity but not to cruising. Followed Edge from her keel build. Followed her through the shake downs and first rounds. NOW it's our turn!. We (just now 60) and our kids/significants (and our 1st grand baby) in four separate cabins. "Management" and I in a aft corner Sky suite with our middle son-wife-grandbaby next door with adjoining deck and entrance area veranda stateroom. Our Princess "aft" experiences make these seem super small. But... the deck size is nice and the "suite" is fine. On the Royal class Princess cruise ships the aft corner ships are HUGE ...BUT.
  13. Can anyone experiencing a corner aft skysuite tell me if they have lounge chairs?. Also a comment or two on laundry would be helpful. Most of our cruises had self laundry rooms - I've read Edge offers a one time free all you can put in one bag laundry option. True? Easy?. Many thanks for any responses.
  14. Can anyone experiencing a corner aft skysuite tell me if they have lounge chairs?. Also a comment or two on laundry would be helpful. Most of our cruises had self laundry rooms - I've read Edge offers a one time free all you can put in one bag laundry option. True? Easy?. Many thanks for any responses.
  15. Can anyone find out if they've resolved the soot issue on the aft cabins on this class of ship?. My wife and I sailed Royal last year and soot still ruled. Made you feel horrible for the poor cabin steward. But I'm SO HAPPY they brought the aft pool back. Such a peaceful place.
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