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  1. Skeeball is $1.10 per game Bowling is $6.00 per game/person
  2. I am currently on the Getaway. I prepaid for the arcade package just for my daughter over the phone. The games on the Ship include are as follows: In the Arcade Room Racing Games Shooting Games Air Hockey O’Shereen Basketball Darts Air Hockey Racing Games Shooting Games Bowling and skeeball is not included
  3. Will sail on Sunday will report back at that time.
  4. From another review it’s looks like basketball is included but no to bowling. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2666700&page=6 See post 120
  5. Jan, Call back you will get someone who will add it just for your son. It may take a couple of calls. Them adding it for just your son is them doing something they are not suppose to as the perks does clearly say it must be added for everyone in the room.
  6. Skeeball is not included. See post 120. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2666700&page=6
  7. Yes. I to called and was able to add it just for my daughter. I think over the phone they just don’t realize yet that NCL says it have to be added to everyone in the room. I to am sailing Sunday maybe we will cross paths.
  8. For those who do not want to pay for the gaming package for everyone in the room. Call in and speak to someone over the phone about your reservation and have them add it just for the guest you want. It will allow them to do it. Since this is new they do not know that you have to add it to every guest in the party per NCL (when done online it don’t give you an option to select). If someone tell you no just call back and hope you get someone else and they will do it. I was able to just get it for my daughter so that she can go to the arcade and play if she chooses to versus paying for 3 people when only one will be using it.
  9. Thank you for your review and answering all of our questions along the way.
  10. Thanks for you wonderful review and taking the time to answer all of our questions along the way. Can you post the dallies for today?
  11. Do you have any information on the photo packages?
  12. Following. Hope someone responds soon.
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