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  1. Just to let you know that on April 6th, Viking canceled all their Russia and Ukraine cruises for 2021. I know for the Ukraine, there has been much military build up by Russia along the border so that was probably one of the reasons, besides COVID, that Viking canceled. On the Viking board, someone had mentioned that there is a visa issuance issue for Russia right now, so Viking chose to cancel their Russian river cruises. There was some discussion as to whether this visa issue impacted the Baltic cruises but it doesn't since a visa is not required for St. Petersburg as long as a tourist is
  2. I just wanted to report after Viking did their latest cancellations last week, April 6th, which included cancelling cruises in Russia and the Ukraine(our September trip), we choose to receive a refund instead of FCV since we already have a very large FCV from our April 2020 cancellation. Even though It took a really long time to get through to Viking on that day to request the refund and my TA still needed to follow up with Viking, I am happy to report that the refund credit was applied to my credit card today! Kudos to Viking for being so prompt. Now to wait for the TA portion to be refund
  3. Deec, I hope you get to do it in 2/22 as well. We just loved this cruise and since it was our last one before things changed, we were just so glad that we got to do it.
  4. We have mostly sailed w/ Viking Ocean & River. On Viking Ocean, we did Homelands, Auckland to Bali(B2B), Buenos Aires to Santiago. We also did the Mediterranean w/ Oceania Riviera in 2018 - Athens to Barcelona(B2B). We prefer Viking for the number of reasons mentioned by others but we also enjoyed our Oceania cruise so we would consider them for the right itinerary. IMHO, I think the food and specialty restaurants on Oceania are better than Viking, better than Crystal. However the food on Viking is still excellent. However I prefer Viking's afternoon tea service, it is jus
  5. We did Hong Kong to Tokyo, B2B, on Crystal Symphony in 2017. It was an exceptional itinerary and the service was outstanding. We are so glad that we did that particular itinerary w/ Crystal, but we prefer Viking for several reasons: - it was a complete hassle getting onboard the Crystal Symphony at Hong Kong, no signage, no Crystal staff available; whereas if you book your air w/ Viking, you are met at the airport & whisked away to the ship, we didn't have to worry about where to find the dock location and Viking signage is well marked at the port. In fairness we did use Crystal's
  6. Just to add, Viking is canceling Alaska, Russia & Ukraine. MyVikingJourney is locked for our Ukraine river cruise in September. See below: As travel restrictions around the world continue to make international and cruise ship travel particularly complicated, we have made the decision to extend our suspension of previously scheduled departures through July 31, 2021. Additional operational complexities in some destinations require us to cancel further departures through the remainder of the 2021 season in Alaska, as well as in Russia and Ukraine. Guests and their travel advisor
  7. Thanks for this! I hadn't see it but MyViking Journey is locked for our Ukraine river cruise in September.
  8. You are quite welcome. It was a wonderful cruise - so glad that we got to do it! As someone else suggested, if you can find the roll calls during that time period, there will be more comments & notes. Enjoy planning!
  9. Buenos Aires to Santiago on Viking Jupiter was our last cruise before the pandemic. I did a Live from post since it was the first time that Viking was doing this itinerary (other than an earlier world cruise): It was a fabulous cruise. There will be other posts after mine from others who also sailed this itinerary. Hope this helps!
  10. I like using liquid hand soap to wash my hands with at the sink so I brought an empty Soft Soap dispenser & filled it with the body wash - much neater than using the bar soap. I usually travel w/ an iPad & iPhone so I finally purchase a 6 ft. cord, a 3 ft cord is too short to have the iPhone connected to while in bed; haven't traveled since getting the longer cords. Doesn't hurt to have extra cords as well. I take photos w/ my phone & would find that I would drain the phone battery during an excursion, especially a full day one so I bought a small power ba
  11. This only happened once on our first river cruise on the Danube in 2016. We had some scenic cruising so passengers were up on the upper deck to watch. There was a large boisterous group that wanted to sit together so they moved all the loungers & chairs around in order to sit together, crowding me in order to squeeze into a space that was not big enough. In fact, one person was bumping my lounger with the way he was positioned but finally someone in his group suggested that he move his lounger. Needless to say it was annoying.
  12. Just to let everyone know, my statement about the no sail order may not be accurate. On a different board, HostBeau said it was a rumor. I had found it on the State Dept travel advisory for cruise ship passengers & looked just now & cannot find the reference anymore. Needless to say, there are a number of cautions by the CDC about river & ocean cruising so we are still canceling...
  13. I found the reference on the State Dept Travel Advisories for Cruise Ship travelers. I just checked & the text is not there anymore. I had assumed anything on the State Department's travel advisories would be current. My bad if that is not the case but I thought information on the State Dept website would be current & accurate.
  14. With canceling so many cruises and dealing w/ the TA & the travel insurance company, I've decided to hold off even though Viking has been so generous. We have one set of vouchers, I don't want to collect any more large ones and if we cannot get the exact accommodation or cruise so be it. In the past, I would book as far out as possible, not any more for me with all this uncertainty and obviously too much disappointment. It is a real shift in mentality for me, I'm not a last minute kind of person & I like to plan in advance.
  15. I'm not feeling very optimistic about cruising in 2021. Vaccinations are going at a crawl in Virginia and for our health district we were one of the very last ones to go to 1b today. Also, though the state is suppose to open up 1b to 65 & over, anyone under 65 w/ underlying health conditions, our health district is only vaccinating 75 & older individuals. There is a new requirement to have a negative COVID test within three days of flying back to the US(starts on 1/26/2021) from aboard. And I just noted on the State Dept Travel Advisories that the CDC is continuing the no sail orde
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