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  1. There is no way you won’t have to have a vaccine to cruise. Can you imagine if they had another cruise with a major outbreak?! The last cruise documentary is coming on HBO. All the ports will require it as well.
  2. If you get the free cheers package do you still have to play the 18% gratuity or is it included? Thanks
  3. We just got back couple weeks ago. We got a day pass at the Marriott. Price was around $35 usd per person. Then they give you back around $20 in food credit. Place was great! Access to beach and great pool. Uber from ship was like $8 one way. Couldn't ask for better time. Then took an Uber to old town to shop. Uber was like $10. Taxis are around double the rate. Tip exchange to pesos. Yes you are on vacation. Yes you can use usd. But If you shop enough at three ports and get food you will lose some money using usd.
  4. I wouldn't do it at this point unless cruise is in summer when this should calm down
  5. Just got back from panorama. Beautiful weather the whole time. Even Long Beach was 70. Just depends this time of year could dip into 50s. Of course it will be cooler then pv. I also read a few different times about the ship being in rougher water on the way back. What I experienced the boat moved around much more the last day. The sea had a slight chop under 3ft. I think the extra movement was caused by the ship operating at a slower speed. The ship rode different. We were going around 15kn. I'm sure they didn't wanna her back to the shore too quickly. Conversely we had to have 2 people evacua
  6. I got to the terminal at 1130. Took prob 30 mins about a mile away. Any after that time you'll be looking at an hour. People who got off the ship from previous cruise were still at curb waiting for pick up. So like I said debarkation is slow.
  7. Diamond and platinum are first. I never heard any announcement for people with early flights.
  8. Just got off the panorama on Saturday. Embarkation was great debarkation not so good. They startEd unloading passengers from the bottom up. If you are on the upper decks you'll be off around 1030 or 11. So watch any early return flights. Crew was fantastic I can't say enough. Any questions please ask. This forum helped me a lot before my trip.
  9. On ship tracker looks to be going regular speed again
  10. Little concerned with this issue. We sail on Saturday. They have had similar troubles on the sister ships.
  11. What kind of bag do you bring on excursions? I'm concerned if I go snorkeling I don't wanna leave any valuables on the beach. Also what do I bring? Etc ship card some cash and maybe a credit card thanks
  12. Would like to head to Chileno beach from the cruise port. Which mode of transportation do you recommend based on price and reliability. Was thinking Uber, water tax, or bus. Thanks
  13. That's the problem with Galveston this time of year. It's a nice port but he have to add in time for the fog.
  14. Any advantage to pay with pesos or just pay with usd? I would assume most places take usd in Mexican Riviera? Thanks
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