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    Adventure Of The Seas

    just off AOS. vegas show (not so great, would skip if i were there tomorrw), love and marriage show was very funny. fountains was right after that and only about 15 minutes but very funny. the quest is not to be missed !!!! and the ice show was good too.
  2. esteam

    Soda Package on LOS

    teras75, so if you get a soda in the dining room it cannot be used with the soda card?? if you purchase the soda card is soda in the dinin groom extra? wouldn't be worth it in that case.
  3. esteam

    Jeans for Casual dinners?

    couldn't help but jump in on this one..... petert, that is some statement. that could also be turned around to say that suits are for business wear and only worn in that setting. There is a big diffrence between jeans you would wear for manual labor and nice tailored jeans. i personally have not worn jeans in the dining room, but have often seen people in dress slacks and a top look sloppier than a person with a tailored pair of jeans, nice shirt and shoes.
  4. don't worry so much about excursions. I agree they are very costly. You can still get off of the boat and walk to some nice spots. There is also pleaty of fun to be had on the ship and it is very enjoyable when others are off of the island.
  5. esteam

    AOS Review Aug. 5-12

    corkster...i will be sailing barbados route any beaches you would recommend for myself dh dd 8y dd 11y ? thanks
  6. esteam

    fun beach for kids

    last cruise to western carib. we went to a beach that had water trampoline, inflatathble climb on iceberg and waverunners. the kids (and adults) had a blast. best beach day. are there any beaches like this? thanks
  7. last cruise western caribbean there was a great excursion not run by rc but had a water trampoline, iceberg and waverunners. that was our favorite beach day. any excursions like that? i didn't notice any in the rc book. thanks.
  8. esteam

    Texas Hold'em on Sovereign?

    AOS sailing 8 25 07
  9. esteam

    Texas Hold'em on Sovereign?

    what about AOS? if they do, i may not see my DH the whole week.
  10. esteam

    which port would you skip.

    thanks so much. now i am completely confused. guess there is good and bad on each island depending on what you choose to do. i wanted to skip st thomas for shopping but have been hearing very good things about megans bay. maybe i shouldn't ovething and just play it by ear. thanks for the info. and, although not on my list i would skip jamacia, too.
  11. going on AOS in august. sailing to st thomas st maarten st johns st lucia and barbados. Traveling with a large group, personally have 2DD 11y and 8Y. last cruise i enjoyed so much more than others since we only stopped in 4 ports. really got to enjoy the ship and relax. plan on no shopping this time. prefer relaxing beach days. is there a particular island you would definately not miss or would skip?
  12. esteam

    Passport saga

    cayenneblue. did you need the birth cert for the kids? i was under the impression that confirmation of passport application status was all i needed for the kids. of course their birth cert is with the passports still waiting for renewal.
  13. esteam

    Passport saga

    i received an email that my DDs passport renewals are being processed. They were sent out 13 weeks ago. How long does it take after receiving this email. we are traveling in 2 and a half weeks.
  14. esteam

    Rhapsody - Yes or No?

    sailed rhapsody 2 years ago. last rc cruise was the explorer 2 years before that. i also was worried due to much smaller ship size but enjoyed it very much. very friendly staff. no real issues of wear noticed.
  15. esteam


    cruising at end of aug. renewal for kids 12 weeks ago still not here yet. what to do?