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  1. It’s totally free of charge. Have fun! 😉
  2. That the Premium drink package is now included doesn’t correspond with the answers I got from MSC Austria AND MSC Germany. Both told me that NOTHING will change. I will print out these Emails and will bring it to my cruise - if I am not getting something which was included they will make it included! 😞
  3. Sorry but that sounds like spoken by a real snob... Maybe a better way would be to book early.
  4. Can anybody tell me why some people go crazy if they get free Champagne? Seems to me that the cruise could be ***** - if Champagne is free everything is fine... 😉
  5. ...interesting and inconsistent as always... I never heard that the Zipline was included - was it?
  6. Hi @ all, I recently had contact to MSC Austria myself, as well as to MSC Germany over my travel agency. Both told me that the Yacht Club is not affected to the changes of the drink packages and also things like crepes etc. are still included... Maybe someone of you has an official statement of MSC saying that crepes, etc. aren’t included anymore (then I would like to confront them wirh this)...
  7. This would at least match the reality...
  8. @sidari - frankly speaking I haven’t read the whole thread so please forgive we if my question was already posted... MSC in Europe was telling me that we can keep our purchased package (old AI premium) with exactly the included drinks AND gelato - as known in the past - also the YC cruise in April will have the included things like in the past (crepes, gelato, etc.). We don’t have to do anything special - this was what they told me - is that correct?
  9. @Beamafar sorry - meant cruise nor week... @sidari MSC should be more consistent whith what they write within their policy - this says clearly one complimentary dinner in a specialty restaurant/cruise/cabin. I cannnot understand why they make here exceptions (it seems to me especially for cruises sail away from US ports) - this just is confusing customers and making them unhappy with that what they get...
  10. I totally agree with that was written by @Goldenbunny and @sidari. The status match program is a total piss-take to all real loyal and frequent MSC cruisers - imagine you come to a „black member party“ where you talk then to other passengers on their first MSC cruise. Even more ridiculous is it to match the status with other loyalty programs from hotels, etc. Why do I care about this? It is not that I am envious, the problem will be that the incentives will be cut in future again and as mentioned it will be really a joke to have priority boarding with hundreds other black members... Sorry to say it but people from the US have already enough perks in comparison to e.g. continental Europeans - we do not have things like a discount for military or first responders... I also have a question: I often read that black members getting two invitations to the speciality restaurant per week because both black members per cabin get an invitation for two is that true? - Here in Europe we „just“ get one invitation per cabin per week...
  11. Thanks for your review! Concerning the pools: It´s good that they are quite deep - that avoids that the pool is crowded by people just standing around. Concerning the announcements: MSC is still a European cruise line and in Europe there are more languages than just one - so don´t be selfish and think of people, who are might not be able to speak or understand English very well. Staff: I agree that it would be nice to have more staff on board - but this would also have an impact on the price. One of the USPs of MSC is that they are really affordable for a lot of people.
  12. You are totally right. But I hope most of these people are not happy with MSC and will make at least a 3-year break till their next MSC cruise...;p There should be set a new status called „non-matched black members“...:D
  13. I wrote already several emails and spoke to a lot representatives of MSC - but it seems that nothing will change. There’s a proverb „constant dripping wears away the stone“ - so I (and hopefully a lot others) will keep telling them that their status match is not right and in the end also not good for the cruise line...
  14. The method of MSC how to handle their LOYALITY program is simply ridiculous. It is not worth anything to have a certain status in their Voyagers Club. As a real frequent and loyal customer of MSC I frankly speaking feel mucked around...:confused::confused::confused:
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