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  1. She’s a lawyer - apparently - so you would think she had done so.
  2. When my wife needed oxygen on board, we were able to hire a concentrator for use in the cabin. The company we used were well used to working with Cunard and both delivered the machine to the cabin and and collected it afterwards. For us it worked very well. It was discreet, quiet and removed any worries about continuity of supply and transport issues. However, pre-voyage, we did have to complete a Mobility and Medical Questionnaire for Cunard's Accessibility Services department. They gave us useful advice and can be reached at disability@carnivalukgroup.com.
  3. It was Amanda Reid, in fact. Slightly unusual to find her on QM2 as opposed to QE. I think it was the explicit reference to the dress code that was unexpected.
  4. It has just been reported to me by a friend on board QM2 that, on departing Singapore yesterday, the Cruise Director's 'Welcome Aboard' address included a specific description of what is acceptable and what is not under the dress code. My correspondent - and i - have never met such a thing before. Perhaps there is some recognition of the reaction here and elsewhere to the new code. It certainly sets the ground for enforcement action - but I'm not going to hold my breath.
  5. My wife swears by the Atlantic Mist - and her a confirmed G&T drinker!
  6. It is quite eclectic in the areas it covers. Anyone with any interest in art and design issues or fashion or how ocean liners captured the spirit of the age in the Art Deco era, should be fascinated. It is very accessible and definitely not just for cruise buffs. Well worth spending a couple of hours on it.
  7. I went yesterday and spent a wonderful morning in the exhibition. It is beautifully done with a wide array of images, artefacts, furnishings and materials of every type and hue. There is a fair focus on the hey day of the ocean liner and some wonderful examples of the art deco themes and items from that period. It was really fascinating and there was plenty of Cunard material and influences to keep a Cunarder happy. Look out for the Cunard influences in the design of the halls themselves. There is a very large video wall - 40 to 50 feet across - which features the QM, QE and QE2 sailing on the open seas from left to right, to left to right. Very impressive and thoroughly recommended.
  8. By coincidence, this was mentioned by Maureen Ryan during one of her talks on the recent QE2 Anniversary Voyage on QE. She referred to it as The Anne Bright Club; so named after the lady who first conceived of and then organised the club. It certainly sounded like one of things which made sea travel memorable in days gone by. We also travelled down to Southampton on the Orient Express once, boarded QE2 for the trip to New York and then, after a few days in the city, flew back to Heathrow on Concorde. A wonderful experience, organised and impeccably delivered by Goodwood Travel, if memory serves.
  9. I was also on this trip. The whole QE2 thing was well handled. There were five designated QE2 days where the events were linked to specific themes. These were: Triumph of a Great Tradition, The Falklands, Moving in Royal Circles, I Name This Ship and The World's Flagship. On each of these days, the speakers in the Royal Court Theatre - Chris Frame, Commodore Warwick and Maureen Ryan - addressed aspects of the theme. In addition, on the day itself, there was a Q&A, hosted by Paul O'Loughlin and featuring the Commodore, Maureen, Captain McNaught and Captain Hashemi, the current master of QE who is also a former QE2 officer. Every one of these events was very well attended. On each of the days, there was a Gala Dinner with a commemorative menu which included some pictures and narrative around the days theme. There were also a number of Show & Tell events, where we were encouraged to come along and share stories about and memorabilia from the QE2. Messrs Warwick, McNaught Ryan and Frame attended each of these, as did Captain Hashemi. There was also one of these for former QE2 crew members - of whom there were quite a number. These were fascinating events with some great memorabilia being displayed and some remarkable experiences being related - including one man's view of the pre-maiden voyage 'shake down' trip, which didn't go entirely to plan, apparently. On each of the designated days, there was also a QE2 Trivia competition in the Golden Lion. We had a cookery demonstration by the legendary Oldroyd brothers, which featured QE2 dishes. There was a Country Fayre and a QE2 Ball in celebration of the ship. There was some QE2 memorabilia which was available to purchase and a decanter set from the final voyage was put up for auction. In short, there was lots going on. In my opinion, the anniversary was well handled and no QE2 enthusiast could have felt shortchanged. We were really glad that we were on board and able to celebrate - and remember - our favourite ship
  10. On the current voyage, most shows have been at the customary 20.30 and 22.30. However on one or two evenings they have been at 19.00 and 20.45. The reasons for this have not always been obvious, but tonight it was to accommodate the Crew Talent Show at 22.30. Basically, the situation is unchanged.
  11. FWIW, I use a SKROSS World Travel Adapter which has twin USB sockets in an easy to fit unit. It works everywhere, even on Cunard ships!
  12. We have friends who, when travelling as a party of four, were all upgraded to Princess Grill for the entire 2008 QE2 World Voyage. Now that's what I call an upgrade!
  13. The voyage details - http://www.cunard.co.uk/cruise-search/book-a-cruise/cruises/qu/2400-q729-sou1-sou2/ - mention a special dinner on 20 September and the speakers include Commodore Warwick and Maureen Ryan. Elsewhere on the website, Captain Ian McNaught is also listed as a speaker. Lots of special memories will be shared, I'm sure.
  14. Tough to choose, but: 1) QE2 2000: First Cunard experience on a very empty charter trip to the Millennium Open Golf at St Andrews. Great opportunity to explore the ship in relative peace and quiet. Dined in the Princess Grill with the inimitable Andrew Nelder; one of many great Cunard characters. 2) QE2 2007: A wonderful Autumn Colours trip from Southampton, which included an afternoon arrival into New York which was truly special. 3) QE 2011: Round Britain on our first QE voyage which made us instant fans. One highpoint was a service in Liverpool Cathedral to mark the latest Elizabeth to come to Cunard's spiritual home. The Band of The Welsh Guards, Simon Weston and many links made to QE2 ensured there was hardly a dry eye in the house. 4) QE 2014: Three Queens meet in Lisbon and sail home. As Scrapnana has said - magical. I could go on, but then I'm sure we all could.
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