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    I note that we have four scheduled for our imminent 2 week Med voyage on QV. However, that is what Southampton thinks will happen, the ship may have - and often has had - other ideas.
  2. She’s a lawyer - apparently - so you would think she had done so.
  3. When my wife needed oxygen on board, we were able to hire a concentrator for use in the cabin. The company we used were well used to working with Cunard and both delivered the machine to the cabin and and collected it afterwards. For us it worked very well. It was discreet, quiet and removed any worries about continuity of supply and transport issues. However, pre-voyage, we did have to complete a Mobility and Medical Questionnaire for Cunard's Accessibility Services department. They gave us useful advice and can be reached at disability@carnivalukgroup.com.
  4. It was Amanda Reid, in fact. Slightly unusual to find her on QM2 as opposed to QE. I think it was the explicit reference to the dress code that was unexpected.
  5. It has just been reported to me by a friend on board QM2 that, on departing Singapore yesterday, the Cruise Director's 'Welcome Aboard' address included a specific description of what is acceptable and what is not under the dress code. My correspondent - and i - have never met such a thing before. Perhaps there is some recognition of the reaction here and elsewhere to the new code. It certainly sets the ground for enforcement action - but I'm not going to hold my breath.
  6. My wife swears by the Atlantic Mist - and her a confirmed G&T drinker!
  7. It is quite eclectic in the areas it covers. Anyone with any interest in art and design issues or fashion or how ocean liners captured the spirit of the age in the Art Deco era, should be fascinated. It is very accessible and definitely not just for cruise buffs. Well worth spending a couple of hours on it.
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