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  1. We were on the Rhapsody out of New Orleans in the early 80's....as I look back, I was glad to have sailed on a couple of old ships.
  2. Your right....it was the SS France.....and all these years I thought it was the Ile de France. You learn something new every day! 🤩
  3. First cruise was on the SS Norway in 1980...it was the ile-de-France before coming out of retirement with NCL...one of only four ships built over 1,000 ft at the time, it had two LST's on the bow to tender pax's. we did two cruises on her.
  4. Yes, we did the Amazon Cruise (Regatta) in 2015....I was 72 at the time, and my wife (71) and I both got the yellow fever shot....no one ever asked for proof as I recall.
  5. I read more than I post. Early on, when I first started to read about the cruises we went on, I was thinking we have made a mistake in booking the cruise after reading about them here.....they have turned out great...all of them! This site lives up to its name...Cruise Critic. We have never been hungry, thirsty or never had fun on a cruise. We mostly cruise on Regent, Seabourn and Oceania. we are looking forward to our Christmas cruise on Oceania.
  6. We were in 7006 a couple years ago, on a 25 day Amazon trip....it was great. On the Regatta.
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