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  1. Informed today by our TA that deadline has been extended to 1/31/2021. Won't help us however. Cancelled 2/21 cruise last Monday for 100% refund. Cancelled our 3/21 cruise today for deposit refund since it was suppose to be an 11night cruise, which certainly isn't going to sail even though X has made no announcement. Hope the slight extension might help others. Stay safe.
  2. Another reason we just cancelled our February 2021 cruise on Apex and might as well cancel our March cruise on Reflection since it was suppose to be an 11 night cruise. It is what it is!


    Unfortunately, I have to agree with you. Pretty sure our February 2021 cruise , which was moved from 2020, will be a no go. Our March 8, 2021 11 night cruise will certainly be cancelled or drastically changed but of course X probably won't let us know before the December final payment is due. Our June 2021 Alaskan cruise out of Vancouver, moved from last June, is iffy. However our late November 2021 cruise will probably be a go, in some fashion. The good news: for the cost of a balcony cabin, we're taking an Amtrak trip across the Southern U.S. in October 2021 and, unless COVOD wipes us all ou
  4. Yes, I always buy travel insurance and yes, had to use it in March 2019. I had just checked into the FLL hotel in anticipation of boarding the Equinox the next morning. I received a phone call from my sister-in-law that my younger brother has been rushed to the hospital and brain surgery was required. I couldn't use my return flight ticket for the next day because all flights were filled. So I had to pay out the nose for a one way ticket on another airline for the following morning. My brother did not survive. When I called the travel insurance company they were very sympathetic. Ne
  5. Suspect all January cruises will be next.
  6. So many factors to consider and most of us are just "armchair speculators." We moved our Alaskan 2020 cruise to June 2021. Even if HAL is cruising by then, the other question arises, will Vancouver be open to Americans? Luckily we have until mid March to make final payment or just seek refund of our deposit and shore excursions. Until then, like all of you, we just wait!
  7. Looks like a 7 day stay at a floating UrgentCare!
  8. Moved 2/20 cruise to 2/21 but seems doubtful. Moved 3/19 cruise (due to family emergency) to 3/21 but also seems doubtful. Moved 6/20 Alaskan cruise to 6/21 but, will Canada let us in? Booked 12/21 cruise which should be a go. Luckily our 10/21 Amtrak trip will also be a go so, life moves on!
  9. My TA just notified me that Celebrity has move Lift & Shift deadline back to November 2020. Sorry, didn't see earlier note of same information.
  10. Suppose to sail to the ABC's Islands (my favorite Caribbean destination) in mid March but, that remains to be seen.
  11. 2/21 - Caribbean, 3/21 - Caribbean, 6/21 - Alaska 12/21 - Caribbean What will be, will be. No reason to second guess at this time.
  12. I suspect there are MANY of us here on CC who can easily relate. So many similar stories to yours. I moved my canceled February 2020 cruise to 2021 but it may indeed not sail. Moved my March 2019 cruise, due to my brothers death, to 2021 and it also may not sail. Moved my Alaskan June 2020 cruise to 2021 and a lot depends not only on the ability to cruise but what Canada decides about letting Americans enter. Do have a December 2021 cruise scheduled that just might actually sail. I just reflect on my previous 38 cruises and remain optimistic about the future.
  13. Remaining positive... not always easy however. Suppose to be on the Apex in February, the Reflection in March, HAL in June and Princess in December 2021. Will any or all these cruises sail - no one knows. So, just to cover any disappointments, or shoving cruises back to 2022, also booked a week long Amtrak trip in November 2021 which, unless coronavirus takes us all out, will indeed be a go. It is what it is!! Best wishes to everyone.
  14. Booked in 2021 with Celebrity x 2 cruises, 1 cruise with HAL and 1 cruise with Princess. Seldom hear from any of them via E-mail. Guess they figure my wallet has been emptied for next year! Now we wait and see if any, or all four of them, actually sail.
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