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  1. Have cruised to Alaska before and remember that on "dress up nights" it was very casual - dress slacks and shirt for most men. Is it the same this time? Leaving on this cruise 8/8/21.
  2. Having cruised Alaska before I know "dress up evenings" are more casual. Does it appear that dress slacks and a long sleeved, collared dress shirt is enough? We're on the August 8th departure.
  3. 12 days out from our cruise. Everything completed on app and assigned to green line at noon. However, no notification of our medallions even being sent let alone having been received. Oh well, just more hassle in an attempt to just board the ship!
  4. You've done well especially if this is your first cruise ever. I can assure you, as someone with 34 previous cruises under his belt, that I also have NEVER had so much confusion and frustration trying to get on a ship. Try another cruise line in the future. We're going back to Celebrity and then Holland America for our next three booked cruises with at least the assurance that we can check-in the "old fashion way" on our PC and at the port, with no problems.
  5. You absolutely hit the nail on the head. Never in my past 34 cruises have I spent so much time and frustration just trying to use an app (that often didn't work) just to be able to board a ship. One more cruise with Princess after our 8/8/21 cruise and then back to HAL and Celebrity who continue to make check in easy via my PC and then at portside and, I really don't need to be tracked once on board either.
  6. Now Princess sends us an "Emergency Notification" stating we must also have the NHS completed. Well, added the app to my phone got clear up to the requested phone umber: UK phone or International to receive log in number. Well since I don't live in the UK I put in the Internation number which is simply +1 and my number. Received nothing back after 5 attempts. Well Princess, my TA says that since we have completed the Medallion App, are in the green line, have proof of vaccination, our passports, and luggage tags printed out and ready to attach, we're good to go! Never in my past 34 c
  7. Indeed there are miracles! After 6 weeks of repeated attempts and 5 calls to Medallion Support who basically always just said " keep trying we know there are problems," I got all my information in and made the green line! My elderly friend who will be traveling with me was about ready to give up - how well I knew that feeling. So, he had one of his adult daughters who has a masters degree in a technology field take a look. After an hour + she was able to get him in the green line too. I found her comment interesting. "Whoever set this app up certainly did not take into consideration the a
  8. Sorry, this has probably been previously answered but.... I successfully scanned my passport, or at least it said I did. I then took the required picture of the face page of my passport. All the info appears correct but when I hit confirm it says: "unable to write your changes on O_C_E_A_N Network. So, what am I doing wrong?
  9. Yep, apparently we'll see you onboard in Seattle on the 8th!! I've gotten over the initial frustration with this Medallion thing. Been on 34 previous cruises with many different cruise lines and never had any problems previously. I really don't see the value of the Medallion but, to each his own. Happy cruising to all.
  10. Same problem here. Called Medallion Support and was told that I would be getting a call from their IT specialist to "solve the problem." Still waiting for that call. Actually the lady representative was very polite and VERY honest. She stated that they are more than aware of the multiple problems with the app. Told to simply put in the information that we're able, print off luggage tags two weeks before our August cruise, show up at the port at assigned time and go through the blue line so that anything missing for boarding can be added by the port side staff. She stated that "they" are very
  11. Of course, even in "Dine My Way" it still says, for our 8/8 cruise, " sorry, we could not find any reservations at this time."
  12. Well, just got the final word from Medallion Support, in a very rude manner to boot! "Only iPhones 8's and above will work for the MedallionClass App." When I inquired as to when we could print off luggage tags for our August 8th cruise I was told: "if you had the app you wouldn't need luggage tags." Great way to welcome back clients Princess!!
  13. Well, just got the word from Medallion Support, in a very rude manner too. "Only iPhone 8's and above will work for the MedallionClass App." When I inquired as to when we could print off luggage tags for our August 8th cruise I was told: "if you had the app you wouldn't need luggage tags!" Great way to treat return clients Princess.
  14. Will just keep reading information here from other passengers since Medallion Support just keeps saying they are "working on the problems." Scheduled to cruise on August 8th out of Seattle. Still cannot use the MediallionClass App nor can we print out luggage tags yet. Princess representative says the app should work with my iPhone 6 with 12 IOS, others have been told that it won't. Princess has our names, DOB, emergency contact info and credit card info. Port side staff can put all the rest in when we arrive and apparently will have to walk the blue line instead of the green per inf
  15. Interesting. I was told by Medallion Support that my iPhone 6 would work as long as it had 12 IOS, which mine does. Then I was told that "they" were working to make MedallionClass App work for ALL iPhone by around early July. Unless things improve, we'll be letting the port side staff put in all the information even though it will take longer to board on August 8th. If it is a real hassle, we will cancel our 11/30/21 cruise and switch to another cruise line.
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