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  1. Walgreens is about three days ahead here in Missouri Big G. CVS is about two weeks out. I’m making appointments at both..,hopefully.
  2. is the Walgreens ID Now test the same thing as the Walgreens Rapid Test?
  3. Someone upthread told me you could get a money refund and didn’t have to get an FCC because of the new 2 day change. No?
  4. Molly if I want my money back do I contact the big store TA that I originally purchased from or do I contact RCCL?
  5. You might not be “ buying it” but it’s real. I find technology so frustrating that I sometimes cry real tears,and I ain’t joking.
  6. Also,again I’m sorry if this has already been asked,I sail Nov 8 and have made my final payment. With the new 2 day testing rule is there an option to cancel and just receive a refund? I do not want a FCC,I want my money back. I’m computer illiterate and the home test stresses me out( I’m old),I don’t want to already be stressed out before the cruise.
  7. I’m sorry if this has been already asked. I have no doubt in my mind I will have trouble with the in home test. Yes,I know it’s easy,that doesn’t matter,I’m never successful without a lot of attempts and do overs along with frustration,high blood pressure and oftentimes tears. Not only will I have to get past my ignorance with technology,my cell phone signal is sketchy at best so the call could drop. That being said, can you do I trial run? Maybe a week or two before the real test. Get them on the phone and see how it works? How much do the tests cost? Yes,I could wait and get tested at the dock when they offer that but if for some reason I came up positive, my insurance policy would not cover me...I don’t think. I believe we need to know if we can not sail before 48 hours of departure.
  8. If it involves technology, I’m out. My husband and I both are technology illiterate. Anytime something involves computer, video etc, no matter how “easy” someone says it is, we are not successful.I’m sure there is other elderly travelers that feel the same way. We we’re looking forward to the cruise but we don’t feel comfortable with Walgreens getting results back to us in time, two days is not enough time in case Walgreens doesn’t come through. I’m telling my husband today that I’m not willing to go through the stress.
  9. So anytime I ever try to do anything involving technology is usually a big fail so I guess I’m out of luck.
  10. Anyone know if You can swim with the pigs from Roatan, Costa Maya or Cozumel? I’m taking a 6 night cruise and to add Coco Caye for a 7 night would have been over $500 more.
  11. Well I’m already going to be risking my arrival flight to FLL. I only have 50 minutes to connect frommDFW( the day before the cruise)I guess I’ll take the later flight going back home. I use to live in DFW and most things were a direct flight. Now I live in small town zmissouri and I’m not use to connecting flights. Don’t like them. I was spoiled.
  12. Is it possible to make a 10:20 am departure at FLL on debarkation day if I take my own luggage off board? It sure would help bc the next suitable flight doesn’t leave until 4 pm and has a long layover on my connecting.
  13. I just booked an hour ago. How long do I have to wait before i can access the cruise planner? In any event I’ll become frustrated and won’t be successful. Happens every time I have to do something online. My cruise leaves out on Nov 8 th.
  14. So Choir Of Man will * allegedly be on the ship? What about any Broadway type shows?
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