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  1. I’d be pissed. One port of call ok,things happen, but not two ports of call. Find another port that will allow you to dock. One of the main reasons ppl cruise is to visit several places , otherwise book a land vacation.
  2. Yes just two ppl. I know I’m over thinking, but now I’m concerned they may move us to another cabin to accommodate a family in our current cabin. I have a May 9th sail date so maybe the kids will still be in school...that was my plan.
  3. We were assigned a cabin with two dots. The key indicates bunk beds. I like the location ok. Is there any negative for two ppl to have this cabin?
  4. No I don’t have YC but I’d get a taxi. Are taxis readily available? This will be a Sat debarkation so I’d think there wouldn’t be a bad rush hour.
  5. I have an AA flight on hold to go back home that leaves MIA at 11:10. Is that enough time from port arrival and getting to airport by 9:15am?How can I insure I’ll be one of the first to debark?
  6. Taller I thought the buffet food on The Breeze was inedible but I still enjoyed my cruise with them. They have so many other food choices it doesn’t matter. I sat down with my husband and we’ve decided on Seaside. Thanks.
  7. I know I like the Carnival product, I’ve recently sailed on The Breeze. However, I think that the Breeze and Horizon would be too similar an experience. I’d like a new experience. The idea of the opulence inside the Seaside appeals to me but the service and food reviews concern me. The 6 night itinerary on The Horizon is more to my liking versus Seasides 7 night itinerary. Carnival will be about $250 more when factoring in drinks and WiFi for both with the same ports of call. Anyone been on both? Airfare looking the same for both of the dates I’m looking at too.
  8. Thank you for the review. I’m torn between Seaside and Horizon right now.
  9. I may book a balcony cabin on the Horizon ( it’s between Horizon or MSC Seaside) and I want to make sure I steer clear of obstructed view balconies. Is there a cabin number or deck I should avoid?
  10. I’ve looked and can’t find any info. I’m looking to book a Bella balcony but want to steer clear of obstructed views. Does anyone know what cabin numbers or deck to avoid?
  11. Anyone stayed in a Cove balcony on Horizon? Any reason not to book one? Will the wait for elevators from deck 2 drive this impatient person crazy?
  12. I hate this,but I understand why Trump has to do it. I was about to pull the trigger on the Sunrise to Havana. I guess I’ll look into the Horizon instead.
  13. thanks for the insight. I thought it made a big difference if you were a past cruiser apparently not, and not with just Carnival.
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