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  1. Got our note from Carnival this afternoon that our Sunday sailing to Bermuda has been changed to the Caribbean. I'm a bit sad about it of course, as they are now going to Grand Turk, Half Moon Cay and Freeport. I just went there last year and was really looking forward to Bermuda. However, they are offering 25% off for our next cruise and not much I can do. I'm just glad we are still sailing.
  2. Thank you for your quick reply. I think I'm just fine with a change in destinations. I think I'm more worried about it being canceled. A few friends mentioned that cruise lines deal with this sort of thing and have plans in place. I almost wish to get an email from them telling me all is well, but some said they don't mention anything until you get on board. Just stressing I think!
  3. A bit worried at the moment. Due to sail on the Pride out of Baltimore this Sunday the 9th to...Bermuda. Frustrating! This will be my fourth cruise, but the first time weather is a factor. Anyone with experience care to elaborate on possible things that could happen? I guess I'm worried about cancellations after SO much planning has gone into this. Thanks!
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