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  1. The fact that they can't even comp the full value of the specialty restaurant says everything! $.05 and $.10! Also, no lounge space for anyone aside from the most elite of elite tiers is the new normal. The people thinking that Elite Plus and Zenith will have dedicated lounge space are deluded. Honestly there are too many top tier members to make it feasible -- especially with things like Power Up, when everyone and their mother has Elite or higher it just doesn't mean much. It's like when I am priority with the airline and 75 people still board ahead of me.
  2. Majesty and Monarch would often sell for these rates or lower. Wasn't uncommon to have sub-$100 cruise fares on 3 night Bahamas. Difference now is you have a ship that's multiple times better!
  3. Anthem is scheduled to homeport in Southampton again in May. This is public info - assuming that ED just hopes to have another stint on Anthem during next summer's Europe season.
  4. It is bookable in the Cruise Planner so I'm guessing the answer is yes.
  5. The Specialty Restaurant cover charge absolutely includes the gratuities. Think of it just like AI. If you want to leave more for exceptional service, by all means do so, but no additional tipping is expected.
  6. You do realize that with a series of independent trials, the past results do not influence the future outcomes, right? If the wheel as landed on red 100 times in a row, it is not "due" to land on black.
  7. Can anyone who's been on Apex advise if Apple products are sold onboard? The Edge class deck plans do not show a dedicated iLounge, so I'm curious if they still sell them in the retail shops. Thanks!
  8. Same. Very frustrating to be told you needed to book under an offer when no offers were sent in the first place!
  9. Mostly agree. The benefits are nothing to write home about. I don't need my laundry done. I don't purchase photo packages (like who doesn't have a smartphone?). With AI, small discounts on drinks or internet no longer matter. X seems to be happy with the amount of loyalty they already have and are clearly not handing out much to grow the loyalty base. They've also concluded that many people will keep sailing and sailing with them even if the loyalty program is worth pennies. So maybe people need to start voting with their feet!
  10. LOL I called in the second I saw it because I thought it might have been a pricing error. However, it's been out there for a week now so apparently its intentional to just start filling up as many rooms as they can!
  11. Clearly they want you to use it on the overpriced excursions... markups on those things are nuts. However, to confirm answers to OP, "Shore Excursion Credit" can be used on anything onboard whatsoever. So go gamble with it!
  12. Are they enforcing the Celebrity-curated excursion in Mykonos or can you do your own thing?
  13. Some really rad single deals out there for those remaining Greek Isles Apex cruises - just in case you'd like to join me! For the last two sailings in August, the single rate for Suite/AQ/Inside appears to be at 100% or less than the double rate. When's the last time you've seen that? I'm attaching what I just upgraded into - cheaper than Interline!
  14. Update - advanced to Gold yesterday, called today to add the OBC and got denied. Supposedly the cruise had to be booked under an "MLife offer," of which I have never even received any info. Personally I think this recent "memo" has it wrong -the "cruise fare trade-in value" clause should cover all non-group, non-discount bookings. The rep was under the impression that it had to be a casino rate booking to qualify. I also have a few RCCL cruises so maybe I"ll try with them.
  15. If you booked under a discounted or free casino rate, which it sounds like you did, then getting MLife offers is considered double-dipping. I'm pretty sure that you need to be paying full fare or something like it to qualify.
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