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  1. Try this, hope it helps https://www.cruisetimetables.com/cruises-to-haifa-israel.html
  2. I fully agree with you on this. We have no intention of paying £4k plus (our usual price range) for a cruise holiday that is not enjoyable and with a number of restrictions and additional risks. Along with what seems to becoming the norm of only ship excursions to be the only way of getting off in ports.
  3. Oh great, another political discussion. I think I'll go to a political forum and start a thread on dress code and tipping. Probably like a number of people on here I'm an avid reader and occasional poster. Whilst I appreciate there's not much cruising at the moment I'd have thought the threads on here would be at least cruise related.
  4. Is this correct? Just saying because their website is still live and you are able to still book parking? Like you I will be disappointed if they did stop trading.
  5. There's a theead on Royal Caribbean forum I've been following that discusses Sandals that you may find useful.
  6. We were on Arcadia late October last year and it was foggy until we reached Madeira where it was sunny and warm, nice enough to wear shorts. The crossing to Barbados got progressively warmer each day and we had sunshine all the way. Ironically when we got to Barbados it was torrential rain for most of the day and you had the option of cancelling any booked excursion. No guarantee of course it will be the same this year.
  7. Currently £37.24 for our October cruise as part of a pre cruise savings promotion.
  8. We've just received our refund cheque for a 20 June cruise having applied for it on 23 April, so around 49 days. We didn't do any chasing.
  9. Top 5 for us: Stockholm for the sail in / away Funchal, Madeira for New Year's Eve fireworks St Petersburg Tallin New York Although the way things are at the moment even the shopping centre in Vigo is appealing 😁
  10. Agree, for us anyway. We would have taken FCC for our cancelled June cruise if we could have used it past March 2022, instead we went for the refund as we already have 2 cruises booked for 2021.
  11. Always Select for us, the main reason being able to select freedom dining. We are just not interested in club dining anymore, we would never choose a cruise line that didn't offer freedom dining. We are not too fussed about the actual cabin number as long as it is a balcony and is in the general position we want. Having said that with Iona being only freedom dining that may open up the option of Saver fares. Likewise we only book via the good TA we use for the extra discount we get, plus if you occasionally use other cruise lines you can usually get a better discount through being
  12. We're due to stay there for an October cruise so if cruising is ok by then I'll include your carpets in my review 😁
  13. If you get the timing right you can get a good deal at this hotel. We had up to 14 nights parking with bed and breakfast for our now cancelled June cruise. It included free cancellation (fortunately) and taxi transfer, one way only bizarrely for some reason, for £141. So allowing £10 for the missing taxi transfer can be a good deal at a reasonable hotel. You can go for a non refundable option for about £15 less.
  14. Personally I'm not sure I would want to cruise if they have to reduce the passenger numbers to supposedly make it safer, that tells me there's a risk involved and a chance you may come down with the virus. Plus there would also likely to be other measures in place, such as wearing masks. What sort of holiday would that be, not that relaxing for sure. Not something I'd want to shell out a few thousand pounds for anyway. As much as we love cruising we've decided we'll only get on another cruise once there is a vaccine available and deployed widely.
  15. Attached is I believe the latest room service menu POC H16275 PO Room Service Menu ROF WEB.PDF
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