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  1. I actually bring them for the kids. the only place for them to get a soda with the bubbles package is at one of the bars. much easier for them to get one from the fridge in the room.
  2. I heard the corn hole boards are now on the sports square
  3. thanks for the replies...good to know we can still hang here. I am looking forward to their bloody Mary's....I saw a pic somewhere of the vodka they use...its in a big glass container full of vegetables to infuse it....
  4. I was also just looking for this info....from the pictures the space/decor is exactly the same but sounds like completely different atmosphere. huge let down but it's a big ship I am sure we will find a new place to hang out and relax
  5. Have a question for those who have cruised Horizon and possibly Vista....Two yrs ago our family/friend group went on our first cruise on the Vista. Our husbands loved it and agreed to another one....along comes the horizon which looks just like the vista so we booked it. The one difference for us is that the pig and anchor is where the red frog used to be. From the pictures the space seems very similar however I understand it is now a "pay" restaurant. Is that just in the evening? On the Vista this is where our men hung out on the boat. There were always groups of people planning board games, there was a foosball table, corn hole, live music in the evening...etc. Can you still hang out here or is it strictly a pay restaurant? Obviously they can find another place on the ship but they tend to be creatures of habit. None of them do any research and I would guess that the first place they go on embarkation day is to where they are expecting the red frog and "rum jumpers", ....I don't have the heart to tell them that their beloved corn hole boards are now on the sports square with no bar in sight.
  6. keep your room service tray...they don't have trays on lido to carry food I don't remember how to find it but there was a thread a few yrs ago that had a ton of "hacks" on it
  7. does make you stop and think and remember you are on a ship at sea. my family has only been on one cruise. I have two teenage boys who roamed the ship all day. It was great! Party all day! biggest concern was chair hogs! We are going on our second cruise on the Horizon in June. Last night we had a conversation about possible scenarios that could happen on a ship and what to do in each case and having a meeting place. I know we have a mustard station but last time ours was the dining room might be difficult to find each other if everyone else is meeting there. How fast does a ship list? what if you are standing at the railing? Can you be thrown off?
  8. the reason for this is because swim diapers do not absorb liquid...from the pool or the child. They are only designed to hold in solids. The urine simply flows through them.
  9. I do cheers as well and do not tip extra every drink...I do tip for the staff who go above and beyond the call of duty....The server on lido who takes your order and brings your drink to you then notices when its empty and brings you another....oh and he doesn't need your card again because he already knows the number....or the bartender in the casino who would wait for us on our way to dinner... take our cards...swipe them...make our Scooby snack shot ( that she had recommended on first night...yum!) then pour our moscato's for us to take to dinner and would also make virgin strawberry daiquiris for the three teenagers in our group but never took their cards....she also never gave us a receipt to sign.....I gave her $5 cash every evening and so did my SIL. The one's who make your cruise a special vacation deserve more than the standard tip.....the person on the lido deck bar that is pouring frozen drinks as fast as he can and handing them out without even looking at you is doing his job appropriately but doesn't get anything extra from me
  10. I second the vegetarian.....amazing even for a non vegetarian....lots of food many plates.....friends you are sitting with will want to try it...smells divine as well
  11. tallest tower of Margarita glasses towel animals.....staff might appreciate the assistance for the day when they fill the chairs on the lido
  12. we were on the Vista last summer out of Miami and could not walk the whole way around the ship on deck 5...needed a key card on both sides where the Havana starts....after 7 you can access the Havana area by going through the bar
  13. my first cruise last summer on the vista I could not get FTTF. I checked for months and it was always sold out. I did have check in at 10:30 at the Miami port....I don't remember our zone number but it feels like we waited forever in that terminal with our back packs and soda cases.....when we finally boarded the ship was FULL...we found a few chairs and took turns watching our stuff and getting food and drinks. it was a stressful way to start my first cruise. Our next cruise is in June on the horizon and we do have FTTF....so excited to just drop off our stuff and wander the ship at our leisure. This is just one of those topics that no one will ever agree on.....and that's ok because there is not enough FTTF's to go around anyway!
  14. my first cruise was last summer on the vista....I had done my research and knew to tip extra and ask for twice a day......so on embarkation day the steward asked if I wanted morning or evening...I said both mostly because we had 4 people in a balcony including 2 teenage boys...I also handed him $20 and apologized in advanced for having teenagers. no towel animals for me...my SIL was a few doors down only asked for evening service did not/does not tip extra....towel animals every night...addressed her in the hallway every time we walked by.....my room was kept decent so I did not complain to guest service...its not their fault he didn't like us! Next cruise is on Horizon June 2019....teenagers have their own cabin.....hoping for better service Wondering if I should Tip extra daily or wait till the end. I think tipping bartenders well the first day got me good service but not so much the room steward
  15. Wonderful....thanks for the info!
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