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  1. We leave on the Horizon this sat and had a trip to Saona Island scheduled. We just cancelled. I was the only one in my group that still wanted to go....I wish were still were....I feel horrible for the families that lost loved ones but I don't think it is an epidemic and I think cruisers are completely safe as long as you are aware of your surroundings as always. I am sure in a month or so the media will find a new topic to latch onto....probably shark attacks...another thing that is rare and heartbreaking but not an epidemic...the sharks are not out to get us
  2. I think i paid $99 each for my two cabins on the Horizon....sail June 29 8 days...My concern is that they keep raising the cost but I also read comments of how people who don't have priority status or FTTF and they embark hours before their assigned check in time of 1:00 pm.....how can they raise the rate but not enforce the rewards that are purchased
  3. I might have one sea day where i hit 10....my Husband and BIL see 15 as a goal. You only need 5-6 to equal cost of package. Early In the cruise I will drink more which makes up for the end of the cruise when I barely drink. Also specialty coffees, bottle water , bottled tea Value is subjective with cheers many arguments for and against......definitely a painful button to hit in cruise manager....my upcoming cruise works out to $980....ouch...but all is forgotten when you step on the ship and grab your first drink!
  4. We do have FTTF and I have to go to guest services to get additional keys for our rooms so i figure i will just ask then. I do understand that they probably won't be able to do anything about it but I just think this is info that should be available when you choose your cabin.
  5. I wish they would note the muster station when you choose your cabin. I have 2 cabins book on the 7th floor 5 doors apart. One for my husband and I and one for by boys (19 and 16). On the booking I am listed with our 16yr old and My husband is listed with our 19 yr old. Paid off cruise and printed boarding passes and only then did I find out that we are in different muster areas. I am not concerned with the muster drill but what if there is a real emergency? My little family will be separated! I would not have chosen these rooms if I had known and now there is no availability to move. I called and was told the same thing...."check with guest services after you board"
  6. Two yrs ago on the Vista I ordered a Mimosa after breakfast. I typically make mine 50/50....not Red Frog...It was a glass of sparkling wine and barely enough OJ splashed on top to change the color. I looked at the bartender and said.."you know its 9am"...all she said was "but it's a sea day!"
  7. Our cruise is June 29th and I've already printed out the fun times I will also print out the menus. I find them in reviews people are nice enough to post here. recently the only way I have seen the menu is screen shots of the hub app....harder to print so I have been looking and waiting for a pdf file.
  8. I was on the Vista in 2017 western Caribbean route...this summer we are going on the horizon southern Caribbean. I looked at the current menu and except for the specific port specials the menu is basically the same in the same order from our 2017 cruise. looks like they added a few deserts ( pot de crème). I am not complaining I am really looking forward to the root vegetable pie but I did think it would be slightly different. I am one of those weird people who prints out all the menus, fun times, 5 tab spread sheet. My teenagers on the other hand don't even want to know what the pre stay hotel looks like till we get there.
  9. Might want to check to the cabins muster locations if possible....I have a similar scenario booked on the Horizon in June. When I paid off the cruise and printed boarding passes I noticed they had two different muster drills.....not cool...I do not want my family separated in the extreme chance of an emergency. I called carnival and they said they can not switch locations. Now I am looking to move our interior cabin. we are only four cabins apart but must be on the division line
  10. I think it is great that a teenager wants to help research for his families upcoming cruise. I have two teenage boys. They don't want to know anything about our cruise this summer. They like to be surprised. Won't even look at pictures of the hotel we are staying at before the cruise. Meanwhile I am like cruise director Julie printing out fun times and menus and editing a spreadsheet with 5 tabs. I also think that the transportation transfer companies cause some of the mass exodus off the ship. We are using Jiffy Jeff and they need me to turn my phone on at 7am when we arrive back in port even though we aren't flying out till the next day. They said they need to get everyone out of the port area and then start bringing new people in.
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