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  1. I agree. If the ship is leaving at 1am I wouldn’t chance it. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. My wife and I just got back 2 weeks ago. We did 4 days pre-cruise at the Renaissance Hotel. Perfect location. Right between the Jaardan and the Relight. We were able to walk all over and we actually did that. 11 miles one day 9 the next. Excellent hotel and the concierge can get you all the tickets you need and make the reservations. Great staff! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. I saw the walk to the train station. Good luck! I wouldn’t do it. And the train doesn’t run late enough to get you back after the tattoo. You can take an uber for about $20US. Spend the money if you must go back that night. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. Swine we actually got a hotel room at the Grassmarket and stayed over night. Was the best decision we made. DW and I just discussed this the other night and decided we would do it again that way. The people that went back didn’t arrive till about 1am. Since we had a tour in a Edinburgh itself the next day it just didn’t make sense to go back to the ship. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  5. Sorry everyone. This is the first cruise I did not get to do and complete this. Internet was awful and the time change killed us. But if anyone has any questions let me know Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  6. Getting ready to head to Amsterdam today. I will do daily postings of our experience from the day we leave till we return. Come along and follow. Ask questions. Looking forward to this awesome trip. Little bit about us. We are both in our mid/late 50s. This will be our 4th HAL cruise. HAL became our line of choice but will be our first time on this particular ship. Really excited as we will also be booking for next year while on board for the Nieuw Statendam. We will be departing today for Amsterdam on our first ever non-stop flight to Europe from our home airport of Orlando. I’ll try to be funny and inject some humor. I’ll admit to being a terrible Typer and bad proof reader. But non the less I promise a good read for you. Our flight out is at 730pm. We arrive in AMS approx 1030am local time in Amsterdam. We will be staying at the Renaissance Hotel. We arranged pickup at the airport from the hotel. I know it’s a little pricey but there is something about having that guy standing there with a sign with your name on it. Is still work. This is vacation and I want to feel “vacation”. Plus have to admit we don’t pack light. Our 2 big bags are pushing the 50lb limit and the 2 carry-on’s are packed to the top. Told my wife she might have to leave one of her 6 pairs of shoes. Thank god it was our 35th Anniversary last night. She was in a good mood and she just laughed. There was no way that was happening. It’s all about the shoes. Anyway watch for the next post Thursday evening. We will be having dinner at a special restaurant to celebrate the big 35.
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