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  1. Hi friends. Booking my sailing for after COVID with Fam and Friends. Will be Oct 2021 on the Carnival Horizon. I myself have been on the Horizon before and loved it, so I'm ok going on the boat again with this group trip but I'm wondering if anyone has preferences between the Havana and the Cloud 9 spa rooms. On my last sailing on the Horizon I had the Cloud 9 Spa Balcony room, which was my absolute favorite room on any cruise I've been on. I loved having access to the spas. That being said, the group I am going to be sailing with is booking the Hava
  2. I dunno, to tell you the truth, those times really don't seem to bad to me. Granted, I haven't done a TON of research yet, but those times seem too much out of alignment from what I've seen other lines offer. Plus, a date night out in Victoria I think would be a nice way to wind down a cruise! Oh, and as for bumper cars or go karts, not gonna lie... that is TOTALLY appealing to me! 🙂 I honestly have never been on GoKarts before. And if I'm gonna do it, I think saying my first time on GoKarts in the middle of Glacier Bay actually sounds like it would be AWESOME l
  3. Honestly, I had cruised Carnival for the Caribbean and I'm only 1 night away from getting my next Cruise Level.... lol, so that was my sole reason for considering it. After researching more I don't think I want to do Carnival for Alaska. I'm looking more now at the BCL Bliss. Plus, Carnival doesn't go to Glacier Bay and I'm pretty sold that's where I want to tour.
  4. I would, and have. I think for this Alaskan Trip were going to sail Norwegian for the first time. On the Bliss I believe. I do like Carnival, but really think Carnival is best for the Caribbean and not so much for Alaska. Don't really know why I feel that way to tell you the truth, but just one of those gut things. Also, I guess NCL is one of the few lines that actually do Glacier Bay, and I kinda enjoy being on newer ships.
  5. Good call, thanks. I read that thread and I think I'm going to seek out a Glacier Bay cruise.
  6. So, been on several Caribbean cruises and the wife and I have decided to do our first Alaskan Cruise in 2020. She wants to make sure we "Choose our room on the correct side of the ship for Maximum Sightseeing from our Balcony." I believe it's a general collective knowledge that on an Alaskan cruise this should be taken into consideration, however; the cruise we are looking at leaves from Seattle and returns to the same port, so... is this something we should really take into consideration? I'm thinking since it's a closed loop cruise we're guaranteed to be "on the correct side"
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