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  1. First time cruising on Princess and using Medallion Class app. Part of the Travel Checklist is choosing "Arrival & Departure Groups", but when I try, it says "There are no Arrival Groups currently available". Are these only available a certain time out from the cruise? If so, when?
  2. We are looking into flights out of LAX for our upcoming Hawaii cruise. It says the ship gets to port at 6:15am. We prefer doing self disembarkation anyways, so will try and get off as soon as we can. I see Princess recommends no flights earlier that 6.5 hours, which would be 12:45pm, but we are looking at one at 11:30am. Do you think we would be ok making that? We were also considering doing the transfer available through the ship. Does anyone have any recommendation on that? Is it easier or quicker (if we are in a rush) to just bank on doing Uber or a taxi? Thank you in advance for yo
  3. Is there still no thermal suites on the Grand Princess? We are booked for a cruise for our honeymoon later this year, and noticed some of the celebration packages include "Couples day pass to the thermal suites." What, if anything, would that include then?
  4. For reference, the excursion numbers are JHM-190 and JHM-180 respectively
  5. Has anyone done this excursion? Does it visit the volcano?
  6. We are looking into which of these two to take. Has anyone done either? We are particularly interested in seeing the black sand beach at Wai'anapanapa State Park. Do these offer time to walk along the beach or do you just look at them from afar?
  7. We are looking into the 8 person van one as well and are particularly interested in the black sand beach at Wai'anapanapa State Park. Did you get to actually walk around on the beach? Or just look at it from afar?
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