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  1. I am travelling with a friend and she wants to leave tips on.i however like to give them in person. That is my choice.I always wonder if they no I have paid auto tips if I don’t give them anything in person.Yes I do give extra if I have received good service and I certainly don’t have to curtail my spending to do this
  2. The price for our drinks package was £38 per day.we did not pay any extra for service charge.cruising from Southampton
  3. Before the days of prepaid tips you had a guideline of who to tip and how much.i believe it was room steward,waiter.assistant waiter and maitre d.no mention of any other staff.As they all got different amounts I can only assume they were not pooled.i As stated in my post we will leave one lot of tips on and use envelopes for the rest as I like the personal touch.i agree if you can afford to cruise you can afford to tip.i think if the system was not working then rc would do the same as a lot of the other cruislines and include it in the fare,which would certainly stop any more threads like this one
  4. Well of course everyone has there own opinion and it is a very emotive subject.however I also liked the old way of the envelopes and will continue to tip in this way,
  5. Thank you for your prompt answers sylvia
  6. I would like to cancel tips for one of us in cabin and pay the other half to staff that have given me good service.we are booked on mtd so not sure if you can cancel tips when you do anytime dining.would be grateful if someone could answer this. thank you sylvia
  7. Ok thank you.looks like I don’t need it anyway
  8. Hi all I am 44 days out from my cruise on explorer.i booked with a ta but have printed my set sail passes and luggage labels on line.however people are saying I should have a cruise booklet as well but I can’t find this on line.can anyone tell me what is in this booklet and whether I need it or not,thank you sylvia
  9. Thank you for photo I see what you mean now.i have been looking on line and I can get an extension lead for the Euro plug with the lead coming out the middle so should be sorted.i am so pleased I posted on here or I would not have known this, thank you sylvia
  10. Thank you that is most helpful sylvia
  11. Thank you for your prompt answer sylvia
  12. Hi all can anybody tell me what plugs I need for explorer.i am from the uk so assuming I need an adaptor thank you sylvia
  13. Thank you for all your answers about taking wine to dinner,will certainly be asking our cabin steward for a couple of wine glasses
  14. Thanks everyone looks like I will be taking my own wine to dinner then
  15. Can you take a glass of the wine you bring on board up to dinner with you.i thought you were only allowed to drink it in your cabin.
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