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  1. If I were in your shoes, I'd probably ask for a refund now just for peace of mind. Sitting around waiting would drive me nuts. 🤪 LOL Good luck, hope it works out.
  2. Another option is to add it at the terminal before boarding. They have a guest services counter there, too. I've never been able to add cards using the kiosks. Judging by all the comments I've seen over the years, that seems to be the usual experience, but I guess it has worked for some people, so it's worth a try.
  3. Same here. About to break 700k. At the rate we cruise and the average cost of the ones we typically take, that's enough points for over 20 cruises. We don't go every year, so that's well over 20 years worth of gift cards, and counting. More if our son doesn't go. He's taken a friend a couple times and I used some our points to save them a little on their spending money. I might as well start giving points away to anyone who goes with us. Maybe charge them a small processing fee. 😈😁
  4. Thanks for posting. I was thinking I already used 5K, so I went back and looked. Different one...used "anniversary5k" in June 2020. We haven't seen them do the ole reversal trick in some time. So if you haven't used it yet, try ANNIVERSARY5K.
  5. I was going to mention their gift cards site, you beat me to it. It'd be a gamble, that's for sure. Buy $1,000 worth in hopes it triggers the Citi credit, but if not, you just bought 'em at full price. Not the end of the world, but not as good as 10% off. I don't have a Citi card, so don't have skin in this game, but maybe it's possible they could tell you whether or not Carnival's gift card site qualifies.
  6. Nope, we're not allowed on the ships. We're one of "those." 😈 Dang, that stinks. I figured it was only a matter of time before they plugged that leak. I always debated on telling people about it. I like giving people helpful hints, but I knew the more people who did it, the more likely Carnival would put an end to it. I guess I can see why they stopped it with all the OBC. I doubt they bring it back. Thank you. We no longer have to do the quizzes and earn points to buy them on AARP. Just be a member. (Nevermind, Calnev already said it.) I looked up that U.S. Travel Association thing not too long ago. They're not doing it anymore. I remember the second year they did it, it still said Carnival was a partner, so I kept waiting & waiting for the cards, but they never appeared. 😟
  7. Thank you, kind sir. We're still kickin'. Glad you had fun. We're booked on one of the Sailabration cruises in March, but we're one of "those" who aren't allowed on cruise ships right now, so I doubt they'll change anything by then. We made up for lack of cruising by taking a trip to the Smoky Mountains earlier this month. Love it down there, had a great time. This was the view from the deck of our rental house.
  8. If you don't use the entire amount, Carnival will refund the remainder in the form of a new gift card after your cruise. The only way you can cash out a gift card is by using the casino "trick." Go to a slot machine, insert your S&S card and add the funds to your player's bank. Play once or twice, then cash out.
  9. Long time no post, everyone. Glad to see the thread is still active and it's great to see several new discount card hunters. 🙂 I haven't really been using Cruise Critic much this past year & a half. Conversations about actual cruising were few & far between and things were pretty hostile for a time, so I steered clear. I do miss participating though. I was trying to keep up on this thread and the codes, but it completely slipped my mind. Haven't been here since June. Missed out on a ton of points. 😞 They didn't start working until the Sept. 15 posts. So let's see, what's new? They're back to 10% off again, I see. Looks like business has picked up enough that they've ditched the 12% discount. And eGift cards have made their triumphant return. 👍 It's been years since we've seen them on Allstate. Those come in handy sometimes when you need to make a quick purchase and don't have to wait for shipping. FYI, AARP only sells the eCards ($100 & $500), but you have to be an AARP member to buy them and they limit you to 5/month. Good news is, you don't have to be 50 yrs. old anymore to become a member, the annual fee is fairly cheap, and if you use some of the other benefits, like discounts on hotels, rental cars, etc., the savings pay for the membership. Someone a few pages back asked if they were ever sold for more than 12% off. Not on Allstate, but once upon a time, a few years ago, we got some at 15% off. There's a division of PayPal that sells gift cards on eBay (or at least there used to be), and they were selling 15% off Carnival cards a couple times. Then there was a promotion put on by the U.S. Travel Association. They had the same deal, but that only happened once. Those were the best deals on cards I've seen. But hey, 10% off can add up to some pretty good savings. So welcome to anyone who's new, or new since I've logged on last. LOL Joe, I see you out there. Hope you're doing well, my friend.
  10. The only time I noticed anyone getting a different code was from people who are using the Allstate mobile app. It'd give a code now & again, but I haven't seen that for a little while. They seem to have made a few tweaks. Codes don't last very long. Twice now within the last month I haven't checked for new codes right away and a few expired on me. "Cookin2021" has already expired and it's only been 17 days since it was posted here. The last couple I missed by less than 3 weeks, so it seems like they're only lasting 2 weeks. They used to last a long time. New users used to be able to go back through this thread and get a ton of points from very old codes, but who knows, maybe they killed those too.
  11. I just looked and, sure enough, they now charge $5.99 to reroute to an Access Point, when it used to be free. Now it's free with the Premium service. That's just wrong, if you ask me, because in all likelihood, a driver is going to that Access Point anyway, so it's not like it's costing them extra.
  12. I've been slacking on my code entering duties and missed out on a couple. Only 3K points, so no biggie, but was kind of surprised to see that they expired so fast. They only lasted less than 3 weeks. Used to be they lasted a long time, unless these were related to a special event. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. I don't know for sure, but it could be that when you discontinued your Allstate policy, they might've deleted your account from their system, to include your Allstate Rewards account. Hence, the error. You don't have to be a customer to use Rewards, but non-customers have to create a Rewards account through the Allstate app first. Or at least this is how it's been in the past. Install the app and accept their terms of service. Then click on Create an Account under the orange Log In button. On the next screen, non-customers need to choose Drivewise Only (No Allstate policy). You have to allow the app to use GPS location tracking for the app to function, but once you've created the account, you don't ever have to use the app again if you don't want to. I've uninstalled it from my phone, so I haven't messed with it for some time, but this was the process last time I looked. I suggest calling Allstate Rewards customer service (1-800-642-2609) to see if your old Rewards account is still in their system. Maybe you can get your old points back. Otherwise, you'd have to start over, but with all the codes in this thread, it's easy to rack up a lot of points fast. It'd be monotonous, but go back through this thread and try some of the older codes. Many will have expired, but there's a chance some will still work. The promo codes are used to earn Allstate Rewards points. They come through emails or from the mobile app. Or you can just get them from this thread. AARP revamped their rewards program a couple years ago. In order to buy their Carnival gift cards, you DO have to be a paying member. I think they realized how popular the Carnival cards were and changed them to members only to boost their paid memberships. They also limit Carnival cards to 5 per month. Not all of the gift cards they offer require a paid membership. Those will use points earned through promo codes & doing things on their website. They used to have quizzes to earn points, I guess those are still a thing. Hope that helps.
  14. I don't use the app, but have fiddled with it now & again. Like most people do (or don't), I never read the full TOS, but I'm sure users are agreeing to allow Allstate to use data in one form or another, like so many companies do. If you're not an Allstate policy holder, they can't use any of that data for accidents/claims because you're not filing a claim with them. Maybe I'm misunderstanding you there. What you give them is your name, address, & phone number. If you decide to use the Drivewise tracking to earn more points, then I guess they gather that data, too (excessive speed & hard braking). I don't know if it's collected anonymously or what they do with it, if anything. You do have to allow the app to track your phone just for the app to function properly, last time I checked, but you could always deactivate GPS tracking on your phone when not using the app. For example, on iPhone's, you can turn off Location Services for just the Allstate app when not using it. That way it doesn't track you. I just use the browser website to enter codes & buy cards. https://myaccountrwd.allstate.com/anon/account/login?campaign=145 I don't have any desire to use Drivewise tracking and I don't like that they force users to turn GPS tracking on just for the app to function, so I don't bother with it. If you don't have a Rewards account yet, and you aren't an Allstate customer, you do have to use the app first to create a new account. Or at least that's how it was, I'm guessing it's still the same. Once it's created, you don't have to use the app if you don't want to.
  15. I'll preface this by saying I also know it's a tad bit off topic, but like I said a couple months ago when it came up, since the decline in popularity of AARP Rewards, all of the threads for it die off quickly. Since it's very similar subject matter, I hope Host Carolyn doesn't mind us talking about it. Thanks for sharing the link, Calnev. That's a great deal. We bought our current 3-year membership when they had a 2019 Black Friday sale for $30/3years. Since that expires next year, we should seriously consider this offer. For comparison, a 1-year membership typically costs $16. There's also a banner for that offer on the top of the AARP website. Just scroll down for the 3-year deal. If anyone's interested, you don't have to be 50 to join anymore (we're not). You get a ton of the benefits even if you're under 50. And membership includes a complimentary membership for one other person in your household. We rent a car and drive to all of our cruises. The money we save through the AARP discount on a rental car and hotel alone are enough to pay for our membership, and then some. They have a long list of member benefits on their site, it's worth checking out to see if you can take advantage. AARP's old Reward for Good program and Allstate Rewards used to be operated by the same company. When AARP revamped their program, a new company took over, so that's why we saw all the changes. Some of them not so good. Even now, Allstate Rewards is operated by someone different than before, which is what brought the updated website we get now. Thankfully, they didn't institute any major changes with the program itself. One nice thing about the Carnival cards on AARP Rewards is that they are digital cards. They just email you the card # and PIN. What I like about them is that we can buy them when we need some in a pinch. No waiting for them to be shipped. For example, on one of our last cruises, FTTF popped up and we didn't have a card on hand. Buying one from AARP Rewards was instant. With that said, be aware that a couple years back, there was some problems using digital cards onboard the ship to deposit to S&S accounts. There was a rash of faulty gift cards being sold on sites like eBay, so there was a time when Guest Services wouldn't add them to S&S accounts until they were verified, which took at least 24 hours. I haven't used them onboard a ship for a long time, so I don't know if those issues have been worked out.
  16. It's a personal choice as to whether or not someone allows COVID to dramatically alter their life. Well, not including the change in lifestyle over the past year that's been forced upon us. A remedy to minimize the spread HAS been found. That's what the vaccine does, as well as natural immunities. To reach a point where a large enough sect of a population is no longer contagious to keep a virus from taking root and spreading. That's been the goal of every epidemic/pandemic. That's what herd immunity accomplishes, but the presence of the vaccine will accelerate it. From a business standpoint, I think creating a closed environment where only Carnival has total control over the process would be very damaging to the bottom line. I support beating the virus, not letting the virus beat us.
  17. This is the info. Carnival gives: Grab a Carnival Sailabration cruise and your ship will be meeting up with sister ships for a huge celebration at sea. Each ship will be throwing its own party on Lido, where the Playlist Productions cast will join the ship’s band and DJ for a completely rockin’ celebration, sing-alongs to classic tunes you love, culminating in a special nighttime show at sea. No, there won't be zip lines between ships (c'mon 🙄), but it'll still be a unique experience. It is what you make of it. We'll be on the Sunrise and are looking forward to it.
  18. Right now they only have the $1,000 cards in stock. They temporarily run out of stock now & again, but give it time and the $100 & $500 will be back. Just be aware that the RCL certificates operate completely different than the Carnival gift cards. The RCL certs. are very limited in what they can be used for (I think balance payment only). Carnival isn't affiliated with Allstate Rewards and doesn't control whether or not the gift cards appear on there. The rewards program is operated by a third-party company and more than likely they do all the gift card purchases in bulk, then work out whatever deal they have with Allstate. They run out of stock now & again, been that way for years, but get more eventually.
  19. No one's saying it needs to pay off a cruise to be worth it. For some, it's just a fun hobby and about the thrill of the hunt. Anything found of value is a bonus.
  20. We absolutely loved the cable car to the top of Mt. Isabel near Amber Cove. A fantastic ride up/down the mountain and beautiful scenery at the top. The Atlantis submarine tour in Aruba was awesome, too. Did that last year and can't wait to do it again, either there or at another port. Curacao is a neat looking stop because of all the colorful buildings. Large variety of shopping, if you're into that kind of thing. We actually got stuck on the floating bridge when a boat came through while we were crossing. They had to swing it when we were still on it. Fun experience, glad it happened.
  21. Serenity is on deck 15 forward, above the spa.
  22. 😄 That's so much better than "hand sanitizerrr!" I can still hear them in my head though, accent and all. Carnival had the dispensers on a stand and they'd just stand beside them. I had to laugh one time because I walked outside by Blue Iguana, used the hand sanitizer station there, then walked over to Guy's. I got my meal, my condiments, and a drink, then was going back inside to sit. The girl at the sanitizer station on that side wanted me to use it. I had my plate in one hand, drink in the other, so I look down at my stuff. She reached out & wanted to hold everything for me while I sanitized. I kindly explained to her that I had just used the one on the other side and she let me go. I thought, that's odd. For one, it was a bit late to make me sanitize after I've already gotten my entire meal and handled things. But mainly, I was supposed to let a stranger handle my plate & cup (no gloves) while I sanitized my hands? Seemed a bit counter-productive. She meant well, but even without covid, I don't want to hand my plate of food & drink off to a stranger before I eat it.
  23. No worries, there will be plenty of it. We were on the last Horizon cruise before the shutdown and they had hand sanitizer dispensers everywhere. And each one was manned by a crew member encouraging everyone to use them. I can still hear them calling out, "Hand sanitizerrrrrr!" LOL I'm sure they'll be doing the same once cruising resumes.
  24. The home of Vegas & Reno outlaws the lottery? So that's where they draw the line, huh? 😆
  25. Our cruising origin story. My wife's aunt/uncle, who've cruised for many years, kept trying to get us to go, but we'd always say no. Finally, one year we gave in. It was a vacation I had never considered or never really had any desire to try. Admittedly, I still didn't want to go, even after we agreed, but my wife & son were excited, so I went along with it. If I remember right, it took me until night 2 onboard to get out of my "I don't want to be here" funk. We went to Epic Rock, loved it, and that was pretty much my lightbulb moment. We got home and immediately started planning our next one. Really? How's it different, is it more or less sweet? Milk chocolate is big here in the U.S. I think I've heard in other countries, not so much. Hmm, does Hershey's chocolate taste different in other countries? 🤔 P.S. Well that didn't take long. No matter how positive we try to be, there's a handful of people who insist on turning every single thread into covid talk and lecturing anyone with a different opinion. 😞 Sorry, ScrathTheRat, it was a nice thought.
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