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  1. 18 hours ago, OnTheJourney said:

    OK...let's try this one:  


    Who did it...


    There is a ship and she sails the sea
    She's loaded deep, as deep can be
    But not as deep as the love I'm in
    I know not if I sink or swim
    I leaned my back against an oak
    Thinking it was a trusty tree
    But first it bent and then it broke
    Just as my love proved false to me


    Originally Peter, Paul and Mary. However, James Taylor did a version later with slightly different lyrics. 

  2. There is no advantage to purchasing the SSP prior to boarding. Once on board go to customer service and ask your questions, then make your decision. 


    If if all you want is sodas, pick up a few cans during meal time at the World Cafe and take them back to your cabin for later. 

  3. Our ship departed Colon at midnight and arrived at the beginning of the canal at dawn. Since you are only going to Gatun lake and returning to the Caribbean, the timing will probably be different. The port timings are shown on your invoice. Check MVJ.

    I looked at your ferry excursion and it is on the day you are in Colon, the day before your ship goes into the canal. The timing may work but check with your Viking agent to be sure.

    The excursion looks to have a lot of bus travel, getting to Gamboa  and getting from Balboa (on the Pacific side) back to Colon.  I suggest you look at a map to get a perspective of their location. 



  4. We were in 6072, same as 6073 but on the port side, for the Miami to LA trip and there were no issues at all. Really convenient to elevators and stairs. The overhang is minimal. It provided shade on hot days.  Another advantage is these two cabins are just aft of a bulkhead, thus providing extra insulation from the adjacent cabin. 



  5. This notice is on the TTP.CBP.DHS.GOV website


     The extended partial government shutdown has resulted in a substantial backlog of CBP's Trusted Traveler Programs (TTP) applications and renewals.
    Applicants for Global Entry (GE), SENTRI, NEXUS and FAST should expect significant delays in application processing times and limited appointment availability at TTP enrollment centers.
    Conditionally approved GE members should seek to complete their GE interviews without an appointment upon arrival from an international flight at any of the 49 airports participating in CBP's Enrollment on Arrival (EoA) program.
    I applied on May 6th and hoping I get my GE approval before our August trip.

  6.  My DW has taken a curling iron on our three VO cruises. No issues on board. The cabn attendant never commented on it. 

    Note, you can not use it in the bathrooms. Use it at the desk with the fold up mirror. Plug on wall behind desk, both European and American plugs. 


  7. We just finished a cruise on the Sun to/from Miami.  

    You can board at 11:00.

    Your cabin should be available based on your cabin class as documented on the VO website. We were in a PV, available at 1:00. When we went up at 1:00, they were still finishing up.  We dropped our carryon and further explored the ship. 


    I hope you enjoy your cruise. 

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