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  1. The refreshment package includes quite a few different hot and iced chocolates / coffees. We didn't bother with it on our last cruise, as I found I was drinking multiple iced drinks per day, just because I could. Iced water is available at multiple bars and I just bought the odd drink throughout the day. Ended up cheaper and better for me.
  2. We had a refreshment package on Pacific Eden, that included mocktails. I only had one but then discovered the big range of iced coffees / chocolates etc. Was a number of flavours available and I didn't go looking any further for mocktails. Didn't seem to be much on offer anyway.
  3. We had the package on Pacific Eden a couple of months ago. There were a number of different coffee / latte / mocha type drinks. Both hot and cold. Didn't find much available in the mocktail department but didn't try again after liking some of the iced coffee type offerings.
  4. Heading off on Pacific Eden on Monday for a Tassie cruise. Will be sure to say goodbye.
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