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  1. Ok, let's see. Self-quarantine. Is that realistic? The first thing we do after being on 2 commercial flights is retrieve our luggage in the airport, then take a 2 hr. bus ride, then the next morning we go grocery shopping. Nobody goes away for over 2 weeks with a full frig. at home. That sounds like a good plan to self-quarantine.....
  2. From what I read on this thread, I'm not too worried about it. the girls get along well and will probably explore and hang out together. There will be plenty to explore and investigate, I think. Thanks for your response.
  3. Hi all, Thinking of planning a family cruise at Christmas to include a 16 yr old and a 19 yr. who've never cruised before. 19 yr old is an athletic nerd. & 16 yr old is chatty athlete. Is this a bad idea? Don't want to turn them off to cruising.... Suggestions please.
  4. Four of us are booked with SPB Tours for a St. Petersburg 3 day tour and another tour (they do all the Baltic countries). I have emailed to the company and referred them to this thread and am waiting to hear back from them with a response. Perhaps they can post here. Upon reading this thread I went to look at the Trip Advisor reviews that have been recent (2019) and they are almost all 5 star reviews from this season. From looking at the link in a travel newspaper in Marselpo90's post concerning the owner of the company, it appears that the alleged misconduct for tax evasion took place in May 2018. This was an allegation, so I certainly don't have enough information to know if it's accurate. For myself, I feel comfortable going forward with them. With over 5500 reviews on TA they have been held in very high regard by travelers who have used this company. I will post again in July after our trip with an update.
  5. Hallasm, Thanks for the correction. I did it in meters (2300) and then converted to 1.43 miles. That's better! I had a response from Den Gamle By and they open at 10:00 and do not open early on cruise days.
  6. Hi, You can get on and off the HOHO bus whenever and wherever you want to within the 24 hr. period. I did a Google map search for directions from the pier to Den Gamble By and it's 2.8 miles! Taxi is $20 and credit card is accepted, according to another poster who was just there. However, Den Gamble By doesn't open until 10:00 per their web-site. I'll see if I can email them to see if they open earlier on a cruise day. Cheers!
  7. Hi all, I heard back from Stromma today, which is the bus company that runs the HOHO bus in Aarhus (and other cities). I had asked how many buses they will have waiting at the pier and if you have an Aarhus Card purchased on-line if you can skip the line to buy tickets. Here is a quote from Stromma 🈁 "In Aarhus they only have one bus, and if you have a voucher (the Aarhus Card), you will have to exchange it for one of our tickets." That's not what I was hoping to hear. In other words, hundreds of people all waiting for the same one bus to make the loop and come back for another load of cruisers. Based on that, we won't be buying the Aarhus Card and will get ff the ship and walk to Den Gamble By or possibly take a cab. Glad I asked. I'd rather be walking than waiting in a line at the pier.
  8. Hi, I just emailed Stromma, which is the parent company that operates all these HOHO buses to ask them if they have multiple buses waiting at the port, since there will be hundreds of people who all want to get off the ship at the same time and get on a bus. I also asked if there will be a special area to board a bus if you have your Aarhus Card in hand when you get off the ship. No point in buying it on-line if you're waiting in line with the masses who didn't plan ahead. Will report back when I get an answer....
  9. Hi Hallasm, Sorry, I didn't realize that. HOHO bus starts in May. The other option is the public bus system. Middtrafik.dk and a single ticket is 22 DKK or $3.31 which covers 2 zones, which is the downtown. I don't have personal experience but check their site. There is also a lightrail train if you want to go to the Moesgaard Museum.
  10. FLCruise7, We were looking at this too and have decided to get the Aarhus Card, which includes admission to Den Gamble By and the HOHO bus among quite a few other things. If we take the HOHO bus it gives you commentary and goes toward the castle, which we wouldn't be likely walking near. In the interest if time we will take the Hoho to stop 6 as on the map Hallasm provided, then walk our way back towards the ship making a stop at the Aros Museum. I just emailed the Aarhus Experience, which is a "free" (tips at the end) company that does walking tours. We are interested in the Tour- Stories and Places Hidden in Plain Sight, a 2 hr. tour in the Latin Quarter. Hopefully we can fit this in. You need tickets, since the group will be limited and they say they are booked on cruise days. Don't know the time yet. If interested please let me know. Aarhus Card is now 329 DKK ($49.55 per today's rate) and should be bought on-line and mailed to your house. BFGood2
  11. bfgood2

    Kagoshima, Japan

    Yes, I'm on the Roll Call, which is is lots of fun and very helpful. Thanks.
  12. bfgood2

    Kagoshima, Japan

    Yes, I'm on the Roll Call, which is great tool. Thanks.
  13. bfgood2

    Kagoshima, Japan

    Thank you so much Miaminice for your wonderful travelogue! We just booked on the Westerdam (HAL) Japan 14 day cruise Mar. 28, 2020 RT Yokohama. We are just starting to study the ports and like you, really like to book out our tours or sometimes go it alone. Any like minded travelers who want to join up please contact us. What board did you use to find others to join your group in Tokyo?
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