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  1. olemissreb, Thank you for your response; just trying to find out what is open for lunch during embarkation day.
  2. Essiemom,Keith and Cruiserbruce, thank you for your quick response. I am somewhat new to this board and am still learning where I need to post. Work in progress! Ha
  3. This May will be our first cruise aboard a Celebrity ship ( Millennium ). We booked a Celebrity Suite on the hump to Alaska . Our previous 9 cruises have all been with Royal. Are we allowed access to both Luminae and Blu? And do they both serve breakfast and lunch? Last question is, what are our choices for lunch on embarkation day? Thank everyone in advance for their responses. USMC Semper Fi
  4. Marine7

    FOX news in 2017

    Now that was not nice!
  5. Bob, Thank You. You are a wealth of information and I appreciate your response!
  6. Bob, Thank you but that still leaves me a little confused. Let me ask it another way; Does Royal Caribbean release all future cruises for booking at the same length of time? ( 12 months in advance, 18 months or perhaps 24 months ) Is there a firm policy on the future time frame cruise bookings or does each cruise location differ? Just trying to understand how far in advance I can book a GS aboard any RCI ship. Thanks!
  7. clarea, Bob how far in advance can a TA book a Grand Suite? Thanks
  8. Marine7

    Allure Grand Suite Question

    Big_G, Good idea; might just do the same or put it under notes on my Apple i6. Now if I can just keep track of my cell phone.... you know this cruising is hard work. Ha! Thank you!
  9. Marine7

    Allure Grand Suite Question

    jamesr3939, Thank you for that information!
  10. Marine7

    Allure Grand Suite Question

    Thanks to all; looking forward to a Great time aboard the Allure of the Seas! Semper Fi USMC
  11. Sailing on the Allure soon in a Grand Suite, Sky Class. Does anyone know if there is a charge for the internet ( texting only )? Heard that the internet was free with a Grand Suite; just trying to confirm this. If it is free, wondering if its for only 1 device or more? Thanks.