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  1. Hmmm a cocktail is about $14 USD at the moment? Yeah come morning I will hit the phone. RC have been very helpful previously. Including a last minute change when I realised a typo between booked name and passport name of one of our party!
  2. Crikey whether in USD or AUD that would be a bargain if coffee/tea (better than freely available) is included.
  3. Lets drop (4) right now. (3) hoping to void. I did NOT see (2) as an available option. I guess the "refreshment" (i.e. juice/soft/coffee I guess) is not offered online? On a different cruise line I had a range of options. But via my online booking (I don't use an agent) I can only see the "deluxe" offering. Two "alcohol" options plus one "soft drink" option would be perfect.
  4. My previous cruise I regretted very much not grabbing a package. As soon as onboard the price increased a bit plus the price went from Australian dollars to US dollars so it was in fact a huge price increase when converted back into Aussie dollars. Much later, cruising with Royal again. This time my son of drinking age and three of us in one cabin/suite. Previously one adult per room. So now ALL three of us must buy a package. Problem. My wife doesn't really drink. One maybe two cocktails maximum before I get a wheelbarrow to take her back to the room. Lol. My young adult son can no doubt put 'em away. Don't know how he can do it. Me too so long as I pace myself so I won't be ill. But the cost of three packages between two players? Because we must buy one for the missus. The quoted price of $85.56 in Aussie dollars for a cruise at the end of 2019 I suspect will jump up with inflation. Factor in a price increase once on board. And onboard all drinks in US dollars. Thinking it is still worth it. Is $85.56 AUD about 5 or maybe 6 basic cocktails in today's prices? Wondering if anyone in this situation has bought the packages and finished feeling it was still worth it? Very much a first world problem I know.
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