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  1. We will stop at Cartagena on October 12. Will anything be open? We are only there until 2pm. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you.
  2. Many on our roll call are also receiving multiples as well. I received 12 emails of same post on Sunday. Most of the time it’s just 2. It’s very annoying. I sent you a sample of a set of duplicates.
  3. We are leaving on the first flight out on Saturday. We live up in the mountains and will leave out of Denver. I have my car park and hotel booked at the airport for Friday so that there will be no issues getting down the mountain. It will be fine as long as another storm doesn’t arrive. It’s the roulette wheel of living here. That’s why we have insurance when we travel.
  4. Thank you! We are so looking forward to this, our first Crystal Cruise (already have another booked). Currently the temperature is 19 degrees and we have 20” of snow and still falling. So glad it came today and not this weekend!
  5. We will be boarding the day you get back. It is also our first Crystal cruise. We will be celebrating our 40th anniversary. Just saw the photos of the Christmas decorations, and now I'm even more excited. Enjoy your cruise and take good care of her!
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