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  1. Ugh, hopefully they have the Canadian situation sorted out by the time mine comes (I was sailing April 10) but it's good to have a heads up just in case that happens to me.
  2. Definitely looks like they are going by cruise date. Please start mentioning cruise date in your reponses... We were due to sail April 10, cancelled March 11 and still haven't got ours, but if I go by the person who was sailing March 25 I'm expecting refund mid-May if they are going by cruise date. I will post again when I get it. Has ANYONE sailing in April-May-onward got theirs yet? If not, that's our answer - by sail date.
  3. Hello all - I'm a refugee from the April 10, 2020 Hawaii to Vancouver sailing 😞 Very sad about having to cancel that one due to the coronavirus nightmare, but now I want to start looking forward to this. Never imagined we'd be on the Mardi Gras in its first year of operation, so very excited! Was definitely out of our price range for a balcony but managed to get an aft-balcony due to the 'fire sale' going on right now. Went from 30 days to 380 days but let the countdown begin again!
  4. "Guests booked on sailings departing between April 1 and May 31 can move your booking to a future date by March 31" is what the PDF said in the initial email we got for the offer on March 5/6? When you refer to "cancellation email", is that something different? Would that not mean that the new cruise has to be booked prior to March 31 of this year, sailing on or before March 31 of 2021?
  5. No, you're right. You do have to book by March 31. The person who said May is wrong. If you have a cruise booked before the end of May you're able to get FCC. No FCC offer to anyone sailing June 1 and later at this point.
  6. Booked my new cruise (for March 27.2021) and I charged the deposit to my CC (time to go join the rollcall and quit being so damn upset that I had to bail on the other one - I know everyone here understands!) I then went on and canceled the existing one (again - by going to Manage>My Booking> Booking/Order Details>View Balance Details> saw the 'penalty amount' and noted that would be put forward as my FCC>Canceled (thanks again @LaRue1975 for the navigation) Then went to the form at https://www.carnival.com/request-forms/reimbursement-form.aspx - filled it in Now I wait. I expect refund for my prepaid gratuties, beer and water I'd ordered and port fees/taxes to my credit card, and the amount from step 2 ('penalty amount' - my full original 'cruise fare') to be applied to my new cruise. After being charged for the port fees/taxes and prepaid gratuities for the new cruise (because I will be refunded on my credit card for these from the old cruise), I will get the difference (in my case the new cruise was $376 cheaper than the old cruise) in OBC. I will let you guys know once my #4 happens and confirm that I was right.
  7. Read again - it's rebook by 3-31-20........ "Guests booked on sailings departing between April 1 and May 31 can move your booking to a future date by March 31"
  8. Carnival's website is experiencing some issues today, that's for sure!!
  9. You are a star - thanks for all of your advice. I am just about to go through the book/deposit on new cruise, cancel old cruise online, then reimbursement form. I will post again and let you all know how it goes 🙂
  10. Thank you ever so much. I've been looking for a concise explanation for what happens. Taking it a bit further, did you book a new cruise yet with the credit? I'm looking for someone who did who received an OBC of 'up to $500' because the 'new' cruise (and by that i mean strictly the Cruise Rate and not all the other fees that were refundable) was cheaper than the original one. If you did... did you do it online? Did you have to phone to talk to someone to book the new one or do you just get a 'credit bank' or something in your account? Do you have to pay for the new one with deposit and then contact before March 31 to get your credit or will they know you canceled and apply it automatically? I don't want to be caught on the 31st unable to get through. We are looking at cancelling and booking a 7 day cruise in March and pricing one that has a cruise rate of $476 less than the 10 day one we have currently booked. We would definitely use up that $476 OBC on booze and add'l dining. Not the greatest deal ever for 3 days less, but I booked the 10 day one about 2 days after it was announced so it was a pretty amazing deal. I had such an awesome 'bowling alley' balcony on the 10 day I am sadz... but I'm looking at an aft-extended to make up for it.
  11. As a telco person I can tell you that their phones aren't really 'down'. However, there is a certain capacity at which all calling systems start to read that message. Keep trying, perhaps at off hours like just before lunch or mid-afternoon Eastern or right around 5:30 Eastern when assuming everyone is leaving work. It's tough with there being multiple timezones in play, I'm not sure if Carnival is 24 hours but you may also want to try at some crazy time like 4am if you can.
  12. Well.... they tried.... https://time.com/5799117/white-house-coronavirus-seniors-flying/
  13. Excellent post. I'm starting to become a bit disgusted with those who are so blind as to say "it's just the flu, it's overhyped". No, it's actually not - it's different. If that was the case, why are cruise ships being quarantined? Why do test kits exist? Do you think Italy and China and South Korea should have just said 'oh, this is overhyped...' and done nothing? It's a pretty selfish view to assume that because the US has failed so gravely in testing (which face it, is the reason the cases are still so low) everyone needs to just act like this is status quo and put blinders on for the real risks. For people who have cruises, plane tickets and accomodations booked, it's absolutely 'worth the hype' because we must, if we have any sense, start to consider alternatives to our travel plans, suck as it might. We may actually have to start caring about other people sometimes - and those who are older or high-risk NEED us to.
  14. I've actually been thinking about this. Can anyone confirm or deny if you could still order a bottle of liquor to your room during one? Hahaha.
  15. We've changed our minds about 17x in the past 48 hours, and I'm now pretty close to rebooking for a Caribbean sailing at the end of next March. We were on a one-way from Honolulu to Vancouver April 10, and quite honestly with the absolute nightmare that US ports are going through right now (I'm also Canadian and wouldn't be sure that the US Government would take care of us much if we got quarantined in any Hawaiian port, let alone the risk of coming into Vancouver on one of the first ships to Canada of the season). We are pretty close to still going to Hawaii for the duration, picking up a one-way flight between Honolulu and Vancouver the weekend of April 18/19 then picking up our one-way flight home from Vancouver we had set for the 20th. The gongshow around cruising right now and the US response to now what seems to be all ships at any port sounds like such a damn nightmare that I don't want to think about every second of my cruise if I still go. Going to wait until closer to the 31st to make a final decision, but ugh. I feel better having typed that out now. This year can go away already!!!!!!!
  16. 4th bullet point. Guests booked on sailings departing between April 1 and May 31 can move your booking to a future date by March 31
  17. Cheers! Crappy news but thanks for the pics - makes me miss Grand Turk. So beautiful.
  18. 1. Any cruise, as long as it sails before March 31, 2021. 2. You need to rebook it before March 31, 2020.... as in, by the end of this month. Otherwise, you're on your currently booked cruise with a $200/cabin credit.
  19. Or if you paid less for your suite than someone paid for their balcony you should get more OBC? Yeah... no.
  20. I would prefer they use these, actually. 😆 http://www.fever-bugz.com/ Is Fever-Bugz suitable for adults? Fever-Bugz® is appropriate for all ages above 12 months. 😁
  21. HAHA ok - I was hoping that's what it meant so that's good. It was definitely worded badly the first time 😛
  22. Oh yeah jeez... obviously correct - sorry. I'm not planning on rebooking so I had the $200 on the brain. So yes, it would cap at $500.
  23. Small print says that the difference would also be applied to your new sailing to a maximum of $500 (Not sure if that's $500 + the $200 or $500 total...)
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