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  1. From that article Prog posted... When the fall, and winter, of 2020 rolls around, Carnival Miracle will relocate to San Diego. Beginning October 4, she’ll do three-day getaways to Ensenada, four-day sailings to Ensenada and Catalina Island, and five-day trips which will include two full days in Cabo San Lucas.
  2. Haha - I thought you said "Cheers package still a stickLer?" - and I was like "nope... it's been solved. Everyone can now easily decide if it's 'worth it' and we shouldn't see anymore threads asking...."
  3. On our very first cruise we did the steakhouse on the first night. Now on our second, we feel like it's tradition haha. I wouldn't want to make a reservation for steak and miss out on an elegant night, so that's one way to prevent it I guess! It was pretty quiet in there the first night and the service was wonderful.
  4. LOL I'm actually a software tester, so we just love that one at the office...
  5. .... in production. EDIT: @joepeka you beat me to it...
  6. I was going to start a thread about this too πŸ™‚ My husband and I have tried snorkeling, but we just can't get the breathing right and if there's one thing I can't handle it's water up my nose - ugh... We know that Grand Turk is pretty much the best place in the world to snorkel, so we've invested in a couple of the Full-Face masks from Tribord/Subea (the good ones, not the dangerous knock-offs) so we can still do it and not worry about that - I'm really looking forward to it now!! We are looking at an excursion on Carnival that has good ratings and is $61, that seems pretty reasonable - there are two locations (one being the big 'wall' dropoff to 7000 ft which is apparently the bomb). I'd like to be able to say that we'd be comfortable enough to do it on our own, but until we get used to the masks I'd rather be around people and get a snorkel vest. We can both swim fine, but I'd just feel more comfortable with a group. We're going to play around with the masks in the pool at Disney the week before we do the cruise too. Does anyone have any experience with any of the excursions? This is the one we're looking at. And after doing this one, is Governor's Beach still worth doing or is that too much? https://www.carnival.com/shore-excursions/grand-turk/ultimate-snorkeling-adventure-and-beach-getaway-440002?b=456D4C594B6246786164504B79516F4E5448633755673D3D# I like how it ends at the Reef Shark because we actually wanted to go to Jack's Shack for a couple of drinks that day anyway.
  7. It's (51.95x7) = 363.65 + (now) 18% tip = $429.11, the $51.95/day does not include the tip but they charge you the tip when you buy it.
  8. I am going on my SECOND cruise in May. I will be graduating to the bad-ass RED S&S Card. Darn right I'm wearing that on a lanyard for all to see... and if you don't like it, too bad.
  9. As an aside, ANY modern smartphone will take 220 volts. We use our phones/iPads no problem all the time in the UK with just a USB adapter for the UK plug - no need for a voltage converter. It's the curling irons/hairdryers and shavers of the world that you need to worry about. So charge your phone with the European/UK plug without worry, and use the North American regular one for the others. EDIT: I should mention that the above shown plug adapter is the one you really want... that's a "European" plug and it's that type of outlet that Carnival has in addition to the North American one. The UK one is different, it has 3 prongs and they are more rectangular shaped - this one is almost the same as the North American one but the prongs are round. I attached an example below of what you can get that has a built in USB that fits this European plug, or just take your regular USB brick with North American end and get one of the things above in quoted post to plug it into.
  10. Seconded! I wasn't sure if I was going to feel seasick so I brought some and faithfully took them for the first two days. Then on the 3rd day I forgot, and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I won't do without them now!
  11. Try this maybe? http://dockandbay.com Otherwise just google "Dock and Bay towels"
  12. We bought these for the port beaches - they are huge towels but they pack very small. You could also get a microfibre camping towel. On our first cruise we bought Carnival towels to be delivered to our room and we used those, but this next one we're taking these. https://dockandbay.com/ca/
  13. Like I say, I have no problems buying a beer in the port, but given that I've already paid for Cheers I just wondered if this was OK to do. Sounds like if I had it in a cooler it would be, good to know in case we decide to bring a couple to the beach. Thanks to those who just answered my question vs. essentially calling me an alcoholic.
  14. This. Food safety is actually something that is taught to restaurant workers, and that would DEFINITELY fail the test.
  15. Who is the CD on the Breeze right now? From @comiso13's post it still said TBA from 11/18/18 through Jan 2019.
  16. There's another thread like this from last year which weighs more heavily on the food/fruit question. Yes, I understand you can't take off food/fruit for agricultural/pest reasons and I would never advocate that. Travelling to/from the US as a Canadian this is of big concern and I completely understand why. What I am wondering though is if we have the Cheers program and we pick up a beer before leaving the ship and have it in hand when you disembark, is that frowned upon? I know that beer is cheaper off ship and I won't really care if we have to buy a few in port, but I'm just wondering if we need to "drink up" before we get off. Is it cool like Vegas where you can walk from a hotel out on to the strip with a beer, or do they freak? I should add that ports are Amber Cove, San Juan, Grand Turk and St. Thomas. I would never even think of doing this if I was disembarking in New York or something lol.
  17. I am not wrong. You are talking about a "tipped wage" which is different than a minimum wage. A tipped wage is $2.13/hour. Would it not be better for the employees to be paid the minimum wage of $7.25 and then get tips above that? That's how it works in Canada, but I guess we have to pay those pesky taxes when we get paid like that. I thought tips are SUPPOSED to be for exemplary service.
  18. DELETE - I thought I'd found a thread with this linked but the attachments don't work. It was posted by @jasonwinters100 - do you have these still to re-upload?
  19. THANK YOU for reminding me of this! I actually have one of these in my house - my mom is 84 (and still in good health bless her) but when my Mr. and I travel and she house-sits for us I got it for her to make it easier for her to get in/out of my shower. I am going on a cruise with her in September and I'll remember to take it with me now for her use on the ship. I never would have thought of it without your post - thanks!
  20. Exactly. I never travel with my birth certificate. When I travel outside of Canada I travel with my passport, and within Canada I travel with my driver's license.
  21. The fact that the United States has a culture where they are able pay waitstaff UNDER minimum wage and expect their tips to make up for it is SHAMEFUL. It's really the only 1st world country in the world that does this with impunity. In Canada, we pay our waitstaff at least minimum wage AND we tip. In Europe they also pay their waitstaff higher wages and tips are not expected. The fact that knowing Americans don't pay their waitstaff a living wage is awful IMO - and I *always* tip extra when I visit the US but I'm sure not happy about having to do it. It's understandable that Europeans who aren't used to this may balk at the practice, but the cruise lines who make the tipping 'optional' are the ones at fault here. If it's included in the fare, great. But to be able to 'choose' to prepay and also have the ability to take it off? It's no different than American restaurant owners who cut-rate their employees wages and expect the customer to make up for it in tips. That being said, I always pre-pay my tips, and if anything happened on the cruise to upset me, I sure wouldn't take them off as there are hundreds of people serving me who didn't do anything wrong. I'd much rather have it in the fare though if I KNEW that the workers are being paid the difference. Any tips over and above should be at your discretion IMO.
  22. Don't befriend the bartender at the piano bar so that he makes your drinks nice and strong. It made one of my next-mornings very very miserable.
  23. I edited my post above as I found some info for you on the CBP site. As well, hate to say this but I'd hope that the child and the child's parents are born in the US given the silliness happening right now. You wouldn't want them to be denied entry on the way home. Sad that you have to worry about that but I would definitely take that into consideration.
  24. If you want to take me instead it would be very easy. I have my own passport and I'm 44. Honestly though, I imagine there might be some paperwork required to take a minor out of country without their legal guardian... you may have to get permission from their parents somehow so hopefully circumstances allow for that! EDIT: I just found this for you @Mommawo - it's a similar deal in Canada. https://help.cbp.gov/app/answers/detail/a_id/3643/related/1/session/L2F2LzEvdGltZS8xNTQzNDE5NjQ5L3NpZC9NOWoxVVgqbg%3D%3D
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