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  1. I just arranged a car rental for Charlottetown - there is an Enterprise on University Ave (about 2km away). I expect that they'll pick me up like Enterprise is famous to do, otherwise I'll hop a taxi.
  2. Question for those who have rented a car from an agency (any one) inside the Via Rail station (Enterprise/National at the station or Dollar/Thrifty at the Westin). I've been trying to streetview the back of the station from Marginal Road and I can't see if there's a back entrance to get in there without having to walk all the way around. South of the train station are the train tracks so it doesn't look like you can cross there, and north of the station you'd have to walk all the way up to Terminal Road and around. Reason I ask is it would be a 5 minute walk through the back, but probably over 15 mins to go all the way around. I'll be with my elderly mother and I don't want her to have to walk all the way around (but if we can get in through the back she'd be OK). Otherwise I'll have to arrange to get her settled somewhere to sit and I'll run and pick up the car and come back to pick her up. This would also be on a Saturday next September. Thank you!
  3. We've got a 7 day Eastern Carribean coming up in early May on the Breeze out of Port Canaveral. Our ports are as follows: Amber Cove St Thomas San Juan Grand Turk This is our second cruise, we've done the Carnival excursion thing with 'open bar beach break', mini-speedboats and a sail boat trip etc in Mexico at all of our ports, but this time we're going to take it easy and do our own thing and not do any Carnival excursions. Planning to do our own walk around San Juan, our own taxi to Governor's Beach in Grand Turk, and a local sightseeing excursion in St Thomas. Amber Cove, however, we are considering just staying on the ship (we MIGHT go over to the pool area on shore in the afternoon as I've heard this is a good plan too as you miss the crowds rushing to get off ship - we're in port from 9am-4pm). I'm always reluctant to stay on the ship as I like to visit ports, but is there much we'd miss by skipping Amber Cove? And what is the day like when you stay on ship? We are also getting the Cheers package so to us paying to drink on a beach when we've already paid to drink on the ship kind of doesn't make sense anymore. What are the food offerings like / are things open, is it totally dead etc? We are staying in a Cloud 9 Balcony room too... so I'm feeling like extra time on board is going to be relaxing. Would you stay on ship? Or different still, would you go onshore at Amber Cove and stay on ship on another port on this itinerary?
  4. LOL. Next time I visit the US I'll come without a passport and see what they tell me.... not sure why that's a surprise. 😛
  5. We didn't do Cheers on our first cruise and we added up the cost. We came pretty darn close (within $50) but we also held back on non-alcoholic drinks to spend our $ on alcoholic drinks and also didn't drink as many alcoholic drinks as we may have liked. Waters, coffees, the occasional pop would have been great to have. Also need to consider what you're doing with excursions. We had a 7 night cruise but since it was our first one we did a Carnival excursion at every port - and they all included some type of open bar, so we drank a lot off the ship too. On this cruise we are not doing the big Carnival open bar excursions, so we've easily determined that the package will work for us (more on-ship drinking, freedom to have coffees/pops/bottled waters etc).
  6. We were just there in June and did the train from Montreal to QC, agreed - it was beautiful. Did a brief sightseeing cruise when we were in QC and that is what inspired me to look at an actual cruise - it is beautiful on the St Lawrence looking up at the city. Knowing that we can board as early as 11 helps me plan too - thanks!
  7. Booked an itinerary that begins as an overnight in Quebec City first night/sail on the second night. I've only sailed Carnival before and we get FTTF so not sure when boarding is for Royal. We have a regular room and not a suite, on the Adventure. We may fly into QC the night before or fly to Montreal/take the train to QC that morning depending on when boarding is. Thanks in advance!
  8. LOL -- I just booked my first RCI cruise and searched forever for my Crown & Anchor number in my profile and emails - DOH! Obviously I now realise that you don't get one until you have completed your first cruise... a bit odd, usually any reward program will at least give you a number and just not give you any points if you don't use it.
  9. My husband grumbled about this on our first cruise and got a sport jacket, ended up being just fine. I didn't wear an evening gown but was dressed nicely. If we weren't dressed up we would have felt like bums. I think it's kind of a nice thing, but the extent that some go with tuxedos/evening gowns is really a thing of the past. For those who complain about it not being enforced, I can only imagine some of the rudeness and vitriol the crew has experienced from pax who were told they can't wear X into the dining room. They probably think "I don't get paid enough for this @(^$", and I don't blame them. I follow rules, but the people who decide that they are always right because "they paid for the cruise" are very likely quite insufferable to the crew. :((n):( (n)
  10. Canada will not accept plants/meats/fruits taken off ship that were not obtained in Canada, and I'm pretty sure it's the same in the US. It has to do with agricultural protections against pests etc.
  11. From a Canadian. Layer it up. As long as you have multiple layers to wear you will be fine, but expect that it can go down to 40 degrees at night in October, especially out in the Maritimes. Prepare for rain as well. It will usually be above 50 during the days, but 50 itself isn't uncommon either. PS - I assumed you were American and gave you F, but if you're not, 50 is 10C and 40 is about 5C
  12. I've only cruised on Carnival and yes they were allowed until a certain point at night and then not (like in the piano bar). Found an answer on a blog and it seems that certain bars on RCI are like this too, so just make sure you don't plan one of them late and you should be OK ;)
  13. We just booked 1868 on a New England itinerary for next year. Unfortunately the 1864 and its mate on the other side were already booked, but I'm still excited about just having the large window vs a porthole. At least I know that this picture is misleading from a lot of the non-official 'cabin review' sites, pity that there are a lot of people that think EVERY one of these cabins look like this... In reality the majority of them look like this one, that's the one I'm expecting to get and I STILL love it ;);)
  14. Ahhh I decided to do it. My mom is so excited (will be her first cruise and probably a last-hurrah kind of trip as she is 85 and still thankfully in relatively good health). I booked the refundable deposit version, it was a couple hundred more than the non-refundable deposit, but I am feeling good that if anything bad happens and her health declines we still have until mid-June of next year to cancel with no penalty. Will continue to monitor for price drops though, and might get a good deal on drink packages! *I'll be the boozer and she'll be the non-alcohol refreshment package haha*
  15. Lots of great info and discussion - I really appreciate it. I think I’m going to book this week and see how the rate changes after the 50% off - I’m a daredevil. Won’t wait much longer than that, but good to know I can watch for further price drops and sales for repricing. I imagine if I book online that I’d just call RCI if I see a lower rate? (Prior to final payment of course)
  16. Thanks so much - I figured it was just a different way of them selling the same price, but nice to confirm. I know booking early is still better, so I’m going to probably book soon. I assume then if the price drops you just apply for the difference online which is applied to your final price? I’ve only sailed Carnival once but I imagine it’s similar.
  17. Looking to book a Canada/New England For next fall (Southbound 11 day Quebec City to New York) and currently looking at the 50% off second person deal. Is this a good one? I am looking to snag a panoramic ocean view for my elderly mother since we can be inside and still get a good view from our room so I don’t want to wait too long, however wondering if this is one of the best promos or not (there are 30 hours left in the sale hence my question) Thanks in advance!
  18. Happened to check today (forgot to for a while) and lucked out with FTTF available for my May 4, 2019 out of Port Canaveral!
  19. Depends whether you splurged for Cheers or not.
  20. Thanks for the recommendation!! I guess when I really think about it we are going on an average Tuesday afternoon (to the locals) in a big city, and there’s really no party atmosphere unless it’s a weekend or evening lol. I don’t want to go to a Senior Frogs haha so you’re right - I have to adjust my expectations and go somewhere that has good food and drink - enough partying will happen on the cruise 👍🏻
  21. So I'm going to bump this old thread up because we are planning our second cruise (WOOT!) and this turned out to be a fabulous idea. We have our booking for next May (2019) and we since we have our booking number we can give it to friends/family for birthdays/Christmas. When you're on your cruise it is sweet to know that you can buy that extra drink knowing you have Bar Cash, or have waters/pops/towels etc waiting for you in your room with a nice message from friends/family! Trips always end up nickel/diming you so it's a really nice present when you get it!
  22. Great thread... we are doing our second cruise next spring and our ports are San Juan, Gran Turk, St Thomas and Amber Cove (Carnival Breeze out of Port Canaveral). We did the whole cruise-line excursion thing in Mexico on our first cruise but it gets so pricey - nice to know that San Juan you can kind of just wing it and walk. Any particular bar/restaurants that anyone can recommend in the area of Old San Juan? Looking for good drinks and food and a party atmosphere.
  23. Waiting for mine for May 2019 out of PC on the Breeze too...
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