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  1. Add/Modify does just as Cancel and Rebook. Of course, you want to make sure the price has changed lower first. I never advice to cancel before knowing you will get.
  2. Price are up and down. I saved another $200 this morning checking the fare. If you are managing the booking yourself like I do, stay away from the "Add or modified..." button. It will incur change fees. Use Cancel current booking and rebook instead.
  3. I have been watching EZAir fares for our cruise next year. The price suddenly dropped last night and we took it. The watch is over!
  4. Yes I can, but If i am not comfortable with the requests, i want to be upfront not playing their game than giving a fake answer. I have asked to take us off the call list several times, still getting calls regardless.
  5. Even if I initiated the call to a planner, It is still a tough call if I want to leave behind security information about myself. It is not a banker that I already know; all a planner needs is to find the best deals for me, nothing more. There is no need for a planner, no matter how close we were, to know too much about myself.
  6. My banks do the same. And I called them for services; they need to verify that I was the real person.
  7. I agree. I never gave any information to that person.
  8. Absolutely! Almost all websites use security questions, and it is the most important step after the standard login, the system further filter out illegitimate access by verifying Security questions. If someone has your BD and they know your bank from the credit cards on file, now they have the answers to the security questions, imagine how vulnerable it can be. It was a real call from Princess Vacation Planner because after I hung up the phone, I called the number again, gave the planner's name and verified it was from a call from Princess vacation planner department.
  9. I am still not convinced that a planner has the need to know.
  10. I was referring to the no-call list in the Princess Vacation Planner department because we have been getting so many calls from different planners. Sound like you have a great planner. Did he ask you for those common security questions we normally setup to validate when accessing websites? A few examples of the security questions are "pet name", "high school name", "where you meet your spouse", "best friend's name", etc... When a planner who I hardly know asked me those questions, my guard was up immediately as I considered those are personal and sensitive that I am less interested to share with anyone. I feel that I should not be asked for questions like that. I wonder if anyone had the same experience.
  11. We put on hold two b2b cabins yesterday and immediately got a call this morning wanted to "finalize" the deal for us. It is getting so annoying although we have requested to be on the no-call list. we are getting calls anyway.
  12. Just see how many people swamp into stores as soon as the ship docked; shopping is a part of a cruise vacation! Princess would be dumb not seeing that. It is all about business, about making money!
  13. There is a Medallion to take orders and delivered to where you are. Do you need more lounges/bars?
  14. I hope you do not cuddle every stuffed animals. Supposedly after you touched something in the ship, you should have those things sterilized.
  15. It depend. We have sailed Club Class a few times. It is not always that good that we can't live without it.
  16. I agree. I am all for something new. I don't mind bigger ships, actually love bigger. I am tired of seeing the same cookie-cutting shopping experience on the Grand Atrium. I love the Grand Atrium, but the shops carried Target quality merchandise. I would like to see a new Promenade deck with shops for designer brands. I am not talking about Kate Spade, Guess, Michael Kors as the RCL does. I am talking better brands.
  17. Does the promotion ends this month for sailings through 12/31/2022?
  18. I have a CC on hold prior to the sale. It went up about $250 pp with the new sale. Ugh. Not a good deal.
  19. It would be best that they let us do our own cancel, make cabin change without requiring a call; it will save everyone a lot of time. The same way we are able to manage excursions.
  20. In my case, I had an online chat inquiring a situation. Evidently, they forwarded to a planner and resulted a few curtesy holds. I worked with the main line to remove all of curtesy holds; a day later she created them back! They may think that they are doing me a favor, but it was uncalled for.
  21. I was thinking on the back of my head earlier it was an act of Sabrina! I also had incidents with another "Princess Assigned Planner" who took upon her liberty to book me several sailings with random assigned cabin WITHOUT my consent or awareness of her actions. I spent several hours on the phone with the main line to fix the messes. In one occasion, she made a booking on Friday evening before the end of her shift, leaving me angry over the entire weekend until I was able to talk to her on Monday. I had to tell her to leave me alone!
  22. I hope you will find a better TA moving forward. I would not use Sabrina's help anymore. I don't know who she is but from what you said, she does not seem to be a good TA. I have cancelled my bookings for a week now and still have not yet getting the refund. I will wait two more business days to call if it is still not showing up in my statement.
  23. Please do not let this event ruin your vacation. My husband and I are celebrating our anniversary, RCL offers testing us at the pier if I couldn't get ourselves tested. But with the sailing not on Sunday, we have a better chance making it even with PCR. So we are happy now; we will be cruising!
  24. The lady was very nice. Basically gathering some feedback, what work to me, what does not work to me, hoping to see you again, etc...
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